Watched this movie last night after  I first watched it when i was a kid in my village’s temple during the annual festival (Thirunallu).  While watching this I realised that “Pandava Vanavasam”(Kantha Rao) and “Bheeshma ” are the only films starring N.T.R in which others played the role of Lord Krishna.

        Harnath, who played the role in this film, apparently, got the role in the last minute and Sobhan Babu, the original choice for the role, was given Arjuna’s role. The Producer of this film B.A.Subba Rao, who had earlier produced “Palletoori Pilla” with Dr.A.N.R and N.T.R, first requested Dr.A.N.R. to play this role and then considered Sobhan Babu only after he politely turned down the offer.A song and few verses were shot on Shoban Babu, which, however, could not make it to the final cut.

This is also the first film for Dhulipalla (per the scan below, from Nataratna Magazine). The book “Yuganiki Okkadu” (by veteran film Journalist Vinayaka Rao) mentions  that it was B.A.Subba Rao, who insisted N.T.R. to act in a deglamourized role in the film Raju-peda” .