Veteran actor Chittor Nagaiah‘s “Vemana” was one of the films, which apparently, had a strong impact on Dr.A.N.R. in so much so that he wanted to re-make this film. But Anuradha Devi, who was making “Raavanudee Ramudaithee” with A.N.R. and Dasari, announced that she will be making another film called ” Viswadhabi Rama, Vinuravema” with the actor-director duo. But the producers dropped the idea after doing the due-diligence on the project. Maybe, they became wary of the fact that A.N.R. burnt his fingers by acting in the re-make of the thespian’s “Beedala Paatlu”. All actors at some point in their careers aspire to act in certain roles that are close to their heart. But only some will get to fullfil their aspirations.