Kranthi Kumar’s “Swathi”, as its 100 days paper ad says, is a very progressive film indeed as its theme is about a young lady (Suhasini) getting her widowed mother (Sarada) re-marry. The scene where Suhasini convinces the doctor (Jaggaiah) to marry her mother , the poignant conversations between the daughter and the mother after her marriage, and the melodramatic scenes between the daughter and her biological father (Sarath Babu)  are etched in my memory.

        Ramaprabha’s comedy (pronouncing Swathi as SwaTI) relives the audience from the serious proceedings  and so do the scenes between“Subhalekha” Sudhakar and Samyukta. Bhanuchander’s role is one of his best in his career. But it is Suhasini, Sarada and Jaggaiah that stand out in this film, which was one of the big hits of 1984.