Kaumidi Pictures M.S. Reddy started a movie called “Sarada Ramudu” with N.T.R. in the lead role in early 1970s. After few days, K.S.Prakash Rao came in place of its original director B.S. Narayana.

However, M.S.Reddy did not pursue the project and decided to make a film with Chalam, who apparently, was tinsel town’s favourite boy that year due to the stupendous success of his “Bullamma Bullodu” (a re-hash of “Ramudu Bheemudu”).

So the below scans prove that even well entrenched stars like N.T.R and A.N.R. (more on his shelved project “Khadga Thikkana” later) had their share of failed projects during their careers. Krishna fans like me can also take comfort from the fact that at least no major production house was involved in any of his movies that got shelved eventually.

These scans also break few shibboleths on remunerations paid to our stars. Few fans (particularly fans of Shoban Babu), never appreciate the fact that people are driven by different motives (David McClellan) and they always use remuneration as a metric to gauge the stardom. If that is the case, then Chalam was a force to reckon with in early 70s and he could be considered as hero of the year at least couple of times. But that never was the case as trade assessments are done differently.

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