Superstar Krishna fans remember “Maa Inti Devatha” as the last Black & White film in which he acted. But I was always intrigued by his decision to act in a Black & White film at times (1980) when color films were the norm. But the following paper clip, which I found recently, put rest to my doubts and as (I) suspected, this was a pending film, which was started in early 1970s by actor Harnath in the direction of Padmanabham (comedian). The clipping says that the film was a re-make of “Kaajal” and “Kantiki Kaatuka Intiki Illalu” was the initial title registered. Harnath, apparently, started this movie to give a break to his friend Kamaluddin and hired Padmanabham to direct this film.  This is the first film, which Padmanabham directed for others and it can be recalled that he casted Harnath as Rama in his “SriRamaKatha”. The clipping also mentions Harnath acknowledging the co-operation of his co-stars Superstar Krishna and Jamuna in the press meet. This is yet another example to show Krishna’s belief in inclusive growth. In hindsight, we can now say that “Maa Inti Devatha” is the last released Black & White film of Superstar Krishna.