A.N.R. is the first hero to have a dual role movie where both characters are from the same profession. He acted as Captain Bhaskar and as a file soldier  Chinnaiah-both from Navy in the film ” Sipayi Chinnaiah” (Suresh Productions”). This is the first title role film of its kind. Sobhan Babu is the second hero to act in this type of a dual role movie. He acted as a Psychiatrist in the film “Sarada”, who helps an eponymous patient to convalesce after the death of her Doctor (again played by Sobhan) husband. Superstar Krishna joined the unique club in 1983 with the film “Chattaniki Veeyikallu”. He acted as tough as nails Sub-Inspector of Police, who is determined to expose the decorated police officer involved in the murder of a young lady. Krishna also acted as one of the three senior most officers, who is allegedly involved in the homicide.  

Note: Krishna will be the only hero to act in two movies of this kind if mini-roles are also considered.  Two of the three roles he acted in Doctor-Cine Actor are that of a Doctor.