“Muvvua Gopaladu” is the third film for Balakrishna on Bhargav Arts. This is the only Bhargav Arts movie in which Rao Gopala Rao acted.  Vijayashanti sacrificing his love and converting to a nun towards the end of the movie was stretching melodrama to its extreme. Vividly remember one Rao Gopala Rao’s dialogue–“daanini polamloonee (Vijayashanti) Yesukristhuni cheeseyyandi raa”. Shobhana acted as Balakrishna’s niece in the film. The song “Andhagaada Nindu Chandurooda” was very popular with the rural audience.

“Muvvagopaludu”did not do as well as its predecessor (“Muddula Krishnayya“) from the same banner did at the box-office. It nevertheless created few records.

100 days ad (most of them are shift-centres)

Muvva 4


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