Director Bhaskara Rao and Rebelstar Krishnam Raju‘s “Dharmatmudu”  was one of the biggest musical hits of 1983″. The actor was at the pinnacle of his career when their second movie “Bhaaratamloo Sankaaraavam” released and it fared decently at the box-office. But soon the actor started loosing his box-office mojo with the failure of several high profile films like “Bullet”, “Thirugubaatu” at the box-office. “Aggi Raju” also released with too much hype as it was the third film in the combination of Bhaskar Rao, Prabhakar Reddy and Krishnam Raju but had a disappointing outing. Krishnam Raju acted as a professor in this film and it was produced by his confidant Sarathy (comedian).