“Apuroopa Preeyasi Neevu” from “Gurusishyulu” (1981) is the song that came to my mind when i saw this cover. Dr.A.N.R. and Sujatha acted in 10 movies together and they can be considered as a hit pair as most of those movies did well at the box-office.

Movies in which they acted together: “Yedanthasthula Meeda” (super hit), “Gurusishyulu”(hit), “Bangaaru Kaanuka” (average), “Yuvaraaju”(commercial success), “Bahudoorapu Baatasaari” (super hit), “Kooteeswarudu”(utter flop0, “Soothradaarulu”(distributors lost money in some areas but the movie had a decent run), “Raajakeeya Chadarangam”(” Political pot-boiler”) and “Madhavayya Gaari Manavadu”(flop).