This is the last film in the combination of Krishna and A.Kodanda Rami Reddy *.  A.K.R.  erronously spent too much time showing the younger Krishna romancing Vijayashanti in the first half . He also did not establish the title character in the second half properly. Songs were also not at par with those in the other films that came in their combination. This is only the second film in the combination of Krishna (lead role) and A.K.R. in which Sridevi was not part of**. B.H.Varahaala Raju and B.H. Ajay Kumar later produced “Rudranetra” with Chiranjeevi.

*SSK acted in a cameo in Kodandarami Reddy’s “Ramudocchaadu” several years later.

** “Palanati Simham” is the other film.

Sardar Krishnama Naidu