Got hold of an ad which shows the 2 weeks revenues of N.T.R.’s super-hit film “Yamagola”(October 21st 1977). The movie collected 22.47 lakhs Rs in two weeks. Since the movie got a super hit talk, it would have held on very well with close to 100% occupancy in most centres. So it is reasonable to expect that the movie would have collected 13-14 lakhs in its first week. Krishna’s “Dongalaku Donga” released a month before (Sep 29th) collected Rs12.25 lakhs with just a hit-talk.

Trimurthy Productions did not give an ad mentioning the release centres of Dongalaku Donga. So there is some confusion about the film’s theatres in some centres especially in Nellore. The second ad below ends that confusion as it mentions the theatre as Anita (and not as Madhav as is widely believed).



Dongalaku Donga