• First movie for director Y.Nageswara Rao. He was one of the associate directors of “Sangharshana”, “Prathidwani”, “Rakhwaala” & “Insaaf Ki Aaawaaz”
  • Y.Nageswara Rao apparently wanted to re-make “Killakku Vaasilee” with NBK*. But the producers themselves dubbed it into Telugu (“Thoorpu Sindhooram“)
  • Jandhyala apparently suggested the idea of making a movie based on the novel “Satyam Gaari Illu“*. But Y.Nageswara Rao was reluctant to make a full length comedy  with Balakrishna
  • Story writer Guhanaadhan took the line from N.T.R.’s “Aaatmabandhavu” and improvised on it
  • 100 days function was held at The Taj Coromandel Hotel in Madras. Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and Kamal Hassan attended the event apparently*.

* Information courtesy: Movie Moghul by U.Vinayaka Rao

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