Third film for Chiranjeevi in T.Trivikrama Rao’s Vijayalakshmi Arts“Gudaachaari No 1” & “Donga “are the other two.

               Fourth time in which Radha and Vijayashanti acted together with Chiranjeevi–“Kondaveeti Raja“, ” Rudranetra” and “Yamudiki Mogudu” are the other films.

                Second time Rao Gopala Rao acted as a side-villain to a Hindi actor in a Chiranjeevi film. While Raja Muraad is the main villain in “Rudranetra”, Amrish Puri acted as the main villain in Kondaveeti Donga. Years later Raja Muraad appeared again in “Indra“.

              The film started with a divided talk but Summer holidays and  Nagarjuna’s “Premayuddham‘s” failure (released within a week) increased its range.