Superstar Krishna was undoubtedly the Minimum Guarantee Hero of 1978. Most of his films were released in multiple theatres in several centres and some of their runs got extended in side theatres regardless of the talk. “Cheppindhi Cheesthaa“, for instance, which opened with flop talk, got an extended run at Sesh Mahal, Vijayawada, after debuting in three theatres (scan 4). “Athanikantee Ghanudu”, which released in the month of December, collected heavily in the first two weeks ( second scan), while “Dongala Doopidi” created an all time record on its first day. Super success of movies like “Annadhammula Sawaal“, “Kumaara Raaja“, “Agent Gopi” and “Indra Dhanassu” lend credence to the argument that he was the hero of the year.

SSK 1978

Athanikantee Ghanudu Revenues-1

Cheppindhi Chestha 2nd week cont-1

Cheppindhi Chestha Release-1

Dongala Dopidi All Time Record-1