Looks like the alternative film hit formula worked for Director Surinder Reddy. He is one of the stylish filmmakers around provided there is someone in the production team to rein his eccentricities. The action sequence in the automobile factory is one of the best in recent times. Surinder Reddy is also one of the specialists in picturing songs and he proved it again in the two songs (“Pareeshaanu Raa”,“Neethoonee Dance”) that come in the second half of the movie. One or two more commercial songs would have increased the range of the movie. If it can circumvent the current cash crunch in the market, I am sure it will end up in the 50 crore club of movies. BUT I COULD BE WRONG.
Ram Charan did the right thing by taking a step back and playing it safe with a proven subject. But it was Aravind Swamy who stole the show as expected. This is not to take away any credit from Ram Charan, who did a lot of homework for the role. It’s just that the former fits into the author-backed role perfectly. In fact, I would have considered Siddhart Abhmanyu as one of best villains of Telugu Cinema ever had Dhruva been an original script. I have always adored his dress sense and he looks great in the ultra-formals. Rakul Preet was pretty good in the wollen outfits. But it is high time our filmmakers switch over from the routine of having the heroines address the heros as “raaa”. I think it has lost its charm and utility.