You get a feeling of Deja Vu while watching “Sathamaanam Bhavathi”as it looms large on the shadows of “Kalisundham Raa and the more recent hit “Aa…Aaaa”! It is the latest film to glorify life in the country side and (wrongly) and to demonise Non-Resident-Indians . C’mon guys…give them a break. Do you think we get to see that kind of bondings and relationships in villages these days. Have you guys empathised with the hardships the N.R.I’s go through everyday to move up the Social-Ladder?
Parents go through the ” Empty-Nest Syndrome” as they age and they experience it even if their children are living say 500-600 Kilometres away from them. But there are several families, who appreciate the support they receive from their kids especially those who have settled else-where and it is high-time to put an end to these stereo types.
“Sathamaanam Bhavathi”, nevertheless, will be a decent hit at the box-office and i guess it will end up making 20-25 crores. Naresh, with his incredible comedy timing. is the actor to watch in this movie.