Opening the Pandora’s Box! Teluguloo cheppaalantee “Satyapetika” theravaalsina samayam vacchindhi.

The first week numbers published by the makers of the film are quite intriguing. I would like to hear from more qualified people on how a film released in 46 theatres could collect more than what Sobhan Babu’s “Babu” could in 51-52 theatres in the same year. I will also upload the theatres list of “Jebu Donga” as its first week collections are also something to ponder. Per the advertisement, its first week collections were about 16+ lakhs, a lakh more than what “Babu” collected in approximately the same number of theatres.

Wrapping up the post by quoting Paul Betty, who became the first American to win the acclaimed Man Booker Prize.

” No one owns anything. If you thing you own something, you are only fooling yourself. Even something that you thing to be yours turns out to be someone else’.”


Bell Bottomed pants became his signature outfits from this film. Fondly remember my rickshaw puller, who used to take me to school every day, going gaga about Vanisree and her sarees (tied below the waist exposing her navel) in this re-make of “Johhny Meera Naam“.

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