Here is a scan that shows the collections of “Rama Rajyamloo Bheema Raaju (RRBM)” in Rajamundry and Kakinda. The movie collected a whopping 1,00,081 rs at RaamaKrishna 70mm in 8 days.

Interestingly, the movie was released in another A/C theatre–Sri Sai Krishna—within 3 days of its release (28th July).



If we add the 4 days revenues of this movie at Sri Sai Krishna to its 7 days revenues (1,00,081/8*7=Rs 87,570) at RamaKrishna, we can safely conclude that its first week revenues in the city would have been very close to those of “Adavi Simhaalu”. The big budget movie created a new record by collecting Rs 1,33,454 from two theatres. In any event, RRBM would have created a town record for single theatre collections in RJY.