Lion King and Baahubali: Though revenge dramas are a tried and tested format in Indian films, I, nevertheless see a strong connection between characters in “The Bahubali franchise with those in an epic Hollywood film—“The Lion King”.


While the Disney’s classic wonderfully depicts the “Circle of Life” by having Simba claim his throne from his evil Uncle Scar (Ballaladeva), Bahubali has Sivudu avenging the death of his father Mahendra Bahubali (“Mufasa’s character) and becoming the King of “Maahishmathi” with the help of his girl friend Avantika (Nala). Rafiki, the minister in the former, becomes Kattappa the head of the war tribe, in Baahubali. The wildebeest chase, Baahubali blessing his son as he kills Ballaladeva are also seemingly inspired from the Hollywood film. Pandaribaayi’s character in M.G.R.’s blockbuster “AdimaiPenn” is the first thing that came to my mind the moment I saw Devayani on screen in the first part.


My intention in writing this is just to understand the creative mindset of the father-son duo (Vijayendra Verma/Rajamouli) and not to belittle their efforts. In fact, I was amazed by the way they socialized the “Virataparva” in Mahaabhaarat. They also won my heart for their riveting narration of conflicting shades of the three important characters in the film-Kattappa forcibly killing Bahubali when the latter thinks he would be invincible as long as the former is by his side, the larger than life Sivagami behaving just like an average mother and giving her consent for the assassination and the circumstances forcing Bahubali to go against his mother in Devayani’s case.Bab