Any retrospection on Telugu Movies would be incomplete without dedicating a page or two on Ranganath. The Tall, Dark (wheatish) and Handsome man, was one of the finest actors, who, unfortunately, could not make it to the top of the league. In one of the episodes of “Paaduthaa Theeyagaa“, the legendary S.P.Balasubramanyam went gaga about Ranganath’s knack of giving perfect expressions in various songs that featured him. His towering phyisque, great diction and fantastic screen presence made him the first rate choice for various supporting roles during the course of his years. I will get to gather as much information as i can about this versatile actor in future but for now here are some posters from three of his career defining movies. Interestingly, all three films were produced and directed by “Navatha” Krishnam Raju” and Singeetham Srinivasa Rao respectively

From “America Ammaayi”:

America Ammaayi


From “Panthulamma”: