At times when most films used to get only three screenings a day from the fourth day of their release, “Thandri Kodukula Challenge” created a new record in Rama Chandra Puram (Medak District) by getting 5 screenings on the second day also. This Tamil remake (of a M.G.R. film, struggling to get the name) is one of the most under rated movies in Superstar Krishna’s career. Venky’s “Raktha Thilakam” bettered the record next year by having 5 screenings per day during its first 4 days.


RC Puram


  • Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar showed me a paper proof, which mentioned “Kaliyuga Pandavulu” getting 5 screenings on its day 1 and 2 at Geetha theatre, Ramachandrapuram. So, I stand corrected.