Box-office clashes during Sankranthi, the biggest release window till recently, have always been intriguing and the one in 1971 between “Sri Krishna Vijayamu” and “Dasaraa Bulloodu” is just a case in point.  Komudi Pictures “Sri Krishna Vijayamu”, which was a screen adaptation of Sri Sarvagna Singabhoopaludu’s “RatnaPaanchaalika”, debuted first on 11th Jan and created a state record at Venkatesa 70mm by collecting 72,000/- in its first week. Jagapathi Pictures “DasaraBulloodu” released next (Jan 13th) and created a new record for Single theatre collections by grossing 73,359/- at Santhi Theatre, Hyderabad . M.S.Reddy eventually dropped his idea to make “NalaDamayanthi” (image 3) with N.T.R. as his partly coloured film did not fare as expected. N.T.R., apparently, was not too keen on the project and advised M.S.R. to come up with a folk-lore script but he agreed to be part of this project when Mr. Reddy went with a new script.