I recently got hold of a paper clip that mentions P.Chinnapa Reddy and P.Chandrasekhar Reddy (makers of “Maanavudu—Daanavudu”) seemingly outlandish idea of casting Sobhan as Jesus in a full-length movie on the Christ. The article also mentions their downright outrageous idea to cast Saradha as Mother Mary at times when they were consolidating in the Industry as one of the bankable lead pairs. One could point to the examples like “Raktha Sambandham”, “Anthasthulu” and discuss about their box-office success despite having unconventional casting. But they should remember that these were social dramas, which generally have a built in audience unlike films of this genre and despite the super success of “Karuna Mayudu” few years later, I think good sense prevailed and all stake holders benefited by mothballing the project. After all, as they say, sometimes the best investments in life are the ones that you don’t make.

SB Jesus