Superstar Krishna’s “Bhalee Mosagaadu” and Natabhushana Sobhan Babu’s “Saanthi Nilayam” were both released in 1972 and both did not fare well at the box-office. However,  even when Sobhan Babu was at the pinnacle of his career in 1975, the former was re-released in more number of theatres than the latter. This speaks something about the charisma of Superstar Krishna.



Comments from Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar:

This is another meaningless comparison.  It was a tradition then that during special occasions like August 15th, Republic day, Sankranthi, Dasara, Deepavali, Vinayaka chavithi, Big distributors used to give ads about their ongoing films and even future films.  Small distributors used to give even theater list of all their films.  In this process, for 1975 Vinayaka Chavithi, Lakshminarayana films issued an ad regarding their ongoing films.  As they did not have then current release films of top heros, they issued films of top heros and theaters in AP.  As both Shanthi Nilayam and Bhale Mosagadu were released 3 years earlier, they showed in that ad those films which were exhibited on that day (not as you believed as if they were  released on that day).  FYI, Shanthi Nilayam was shown as exhibited in Prakasham district Medarametla (that is not the rerelease center, it was first release in that center).  Bhale Mosagadu was also released first time around that time in A. Kodur, Nathavalasa, Kottha Kota, but was rereleased in the other centers.  So, please know things properly and then come to conclusion about heros ranialayam released earlier than Bhale Mosagadu (In fact, Shanthi nilayam was replaced by Bhale Mosagaadu in Vijayawada Durgakalaaamandir for 35 days.  bhale Mosagadu had 31 days run.  In the first release, both films were flops, but overall Shanthi Nilayam had better run when compared to Bhale Mosagadu.