” 100a Rooju” is one of the dubbed films that did amazing business in 80s inspite of getting only noon show screenings in most of the centres. “Captain” Vijaykanth acted as a CBI officer in this thriller, which has Mohan and Nalini in the lead roles. But it was Sathyaraj, with his tonsured head and Red Jacket,  who stole the show. Manivannan, who later directed few straight Telugu films like “Darjaa Dongaa”, succeeded in maintaining the tempo through out the film. Atluri Tulasi Daas, who presented the movie, produced few mass films like “Bezawaada Bebbuli”, “ParasuRamudu”, “Rowdy” before and after this movie. The second image has the film’s 28 days revenues at Manga Deluxe, Guntur.