“Premalokam” is one of the very few dubbed versions of a Kannada films that did very well in mid 80s.  Since i like icons of pop-culture, I also started following the careers of Kannada stars like Ravichandran, who was fondly called the “Subhash Ghai of Karnataka” for his lavishly made movies on his home banner Eswari Films.

“Navatharam Mundhuku Saagaali” and “Saatileeni Preemalookam Manadhee Kaavaali” are two of my favourite songs from the film . In fact, had the first song been part of a high budget straight film, it would have attained a cult status because of lines like ” Jeevitham Oka Paatagaa, Yavvanam Mana Baatagaa”.

Juhi Chawla became very popular in Kannada and my cousin’s car-driver in Bangalore used to go gaga over her when I was studying there. But Juhi also joined the bandwagon of Bollywood imports of mid 80s — Mandakini, Kushboo, Sonam and Farha- who failed to make it to the top league in Telugu despite working in successful films like “Kaliyuga Karnudu”, “Mugguru Kodukulu”, ” Vicky Daada”.