The movie is loosely based on Mahesh Bhatt’s “Janam”! The film was released in fancy theatres in most of the centres. Niroshaa could not sustain her stardom despite getting consecutive hits like Police Dairy (Kamal), Sindhoora Puvvu & Naari Naari Naduma Murari. Amala’s gymanstic skills were used well in the song ” Roojaaloo Letha Vennalleee”! Though Prabhu get’s a more powerful role, it was Karthik’s role which struck a chord with Urban Youth. But I was totally in awe of Prabhu’s body language after I watched it again. The scene where he gets down from his Police Jeep to arrest Karthik is pure celluloid magic as powerful acting blends perfectly with superb technical values —Ilayaraja’s Re-recording Score, P.C. Sriram’s Photography & Maniratnam’s Narration! In fact, I was so impressed with his acting that I went and watched his immediate dubbed release “Police Tiger” on the first morning show at Kanaka Mahal, Nellore. I got to know from my cousin (the producer’s son) that G. Umapathy , who played the villain role, was asked to retain his real life mannerism dialogue “Raajaa” as his stock dialogue.