” (We) miss all the fun…(we) miss all the joy…(we) miss you”…..go the lines of a famous song in Jr.N.T.R’s (or should i just say N.T.R.) “Student No I”. These lines best describe the reason why I am starting a blog on Telugu Cinema now.

First of all, a very warm welcome to Cinema Cinema Cinema, my blog on movies.   Growing up in Nellore, a coastal town in AP with limited entertainment options and coming from a family that was into (watching) Telugu movies big way, discussing about them just happened to me naturally since my childhood.

Losing touch with Indian movies & culture was one of the many uncertainties that I had to grapple with when I set foot in the US for my Graduate studies in 2001. That fear, fortunately, was short-lived. Thanks to various discussion forums in websites like Idlebrain, Bewarsetalk, Princemahesh.com, I met several people who were equally obsessed with old Telugu movies. Interacting with them during the years helped me stay connected with my roots and relieved me from all the initial stress that a student goes through in a foreign land. These were people from diverse backgrounds , tastes and preferences  and the interactions soon got strengthened into strong friendships .

However, the noise that prevails in any public forums and the responsibilities that come with age , created a chasm between us . While some people have moved on  in their lives, several others (including me) have been victimised by ‘bounded rationality’. and are still struggling to circumvent the hazards of becoming conformists (in this case to a particular hero) . Since it is a humongous task to convince all to let go off their baggages and participate in a ” neutral” forum, I thought I will at least start a blog to bridge the gap and reconnect with some of them.