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” Agniparvatham” 100 days function!

AP 100.jpg


Fancy theatres : Chanakya A/C – Kakinada!

The theatre opened for business during late July or in early August 1983.

Kiraayi Kotigaadu Nidadhavoolu 100.jpg

Usha Pictures BalaKrishna Rao garu — A Colossus in Movie Distribution!

I am not sure how other movie fanatics especially those that are found of box-office facts think about Usha Pictures Balakrishnaa Rao garu but I am totally in awe of this movie merchant as he was either directly or indirectly involved in the distribution of every other major movie in West Godavari District till late 90s. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that he was the most popular distributor in the entire state since the territory wise distribution system gained traction in late seventies. I recently got to know that Balakrishnaa Rao garu is the Son-in-law of Shri Kodali GopalaKrishna Rao garu, who produced movies like “Kathaanaayakudu” with the legendary N.T.R.  It is interesting that BalakrishnaaRao garu, who named his distribution company after his wife Shri Usha Rani garu, did not produce any movie to forward integrate inspite of having very good relations with all leading actors across generations.

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Chiru and Suhaasini from “Chantabbaayi”!


Pathbreaking films of 80s: 100 days ad of Nyaayam Kaavaali!

Nyaayam Kaavaali 100.jpg

Kiraayi Rowdeelu : A film made with breakneck speed!

Shri Kranthi Kumar announced this project on August 22nd, 1981, which also happened to be the 100th day of his earlier film “Nyaayaam Kaavaali”!

KR 100.jpg

50 & 100 days ads of SriMadvirat VeeraBrahmendraSwamy Charithra (1984)!

50 days MAD.jpg


100 DAYS MAD.jpg

50 days ad of “Paalu -Neellu”!

Watched this at Kanaka Mahal, Nellore. The scenes between Mohan Babu and his son worked out well thereby making it one of the biggest hits of the year 1981.

Paalu Neellu 50.jpg

“Maayadaari Alludu” Town Record in Tanuku!

To get this numbers through a non- Raghavendra Rao/ Dasari directed movie is just incredible. This is the first of Krishna’s two town records in this centre within a gap of 1.5 months. Nayudu Gaari Abbaayi, releasing next, also created a town record at Srinivasa theatre. I think no other heroes had two movies that created two two records within 1.5 months. Release centres and other box-office details of this movie on its release anniversary.


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