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50 days ad of Balakrishna’s “Bhalee Thammudu”!

Balakrishna was returning from London when this ad was issued!

Bhalee Thammudu 50.jpg


A theatre record that lasted for 2 yrs & 11 months!

“Muvvagoopaludu” ( June 1987) finally crossed the housefulls record of “Bangaaru Kaapuram” in Visakhapatnam. BangaaruKaapuram (Aug 84) was housefull for 41 days in the theatre.

Vetapalem Third Visit - 208

Flop vs hits in Eluru in 1985!

Interesting to note that revenues of Mahaasangraamam (Feb 85) in Eluru were at par with those of other hit movies like “Bharya Bharthala Bandham” (Mar 85, Second image) , “Pacchani Kaapuram” ( Sep 85, 24 days H.F., 27 days 2,01,000/- & 45 days (upto Vijetha), and “Vijetha”  (Oct 85, third image) for the first three weeks. Ambica A/C was the side theatre for “Agniparvatham” and it got two weeks run there (last image).



BB AMB.jpg





Kanchukaagada vs BharyaBharthala Bandham in Vijayawada!

Same exhibitor (Raj 70MM, Vijayawada) but contradicting information:

September 1984:


March 1985!

Vetapalem Third Visit - 183

Bharya Bharthala Bandham stunning collections in Tenali!

The record is really impressive as this was not at Asha Luxury A/C, the fanciest theatre in the town!

BB TEN.jpg

“Bhaaryabharthala Bandham” in VJY!

Vetapalem Third Visit - 183.jpg

Desoddharakudu’s Andhra Record Claim:Once upon a time in Tollywood –X!

Desoddharakudu’s Andhra Record Claim: When the facts emerge, I change my mind, what do you do sir? goes a famous saying in Economics and that is exactly what I did over this weekend while taking a closer look at few old box-office scans.

I sent the first scan to my friend, who was maintaining and till recently, I naively believed that Desoddharaku revenues in Nellore was a Andhra Record. But a closer look at the revenues of Simhaasanam in Vijayawada convinced me that neither Anasooyamma Gaari Alludu nor Deesoddharakudu can claim so as they  50 days did not cross Simhaasanam’s revenues in VJY.

If you look at Simhasanam Vijayawada revenues in the 7th and 6th week, it collected 6,46,684 and 5,39,752 respectively for 5th and 4th week respectively. Since the move ran with capacity crowds for more than 50 days at Raj, the movie would have collected 8,60,752/- (6,46,684 –5,39,752 = 107034 * 2 =214068 +6,46,684 =8,60,752). Hence, I am fully convinced that Desoddharakudu revenues in Nellore is just a town record and I hope I make sense. As Sirivennala SeethaaRamaSasthry (Brahmotsavam) says “Sarigaa Gamaninchaavantee, Sathyam Kanipedathaavittee”!



Poster - 7.jpg


Poster - 6.jpg


Poster - 5.jpg

50 days ad of “Thiragabadda Telugu Bidda”!


50 days ad of “Rowdy Raamudu Konte Krishnudu”!


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