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The music video that inspired K.Raghavendra Rao!

Half way through the Oh Priyathamaaa” song in “Pattaabhishekam”, we see the Balakrishna walking in the midst of hundreds of stands with electric bulbs and towards the end of the song, he destroys several of them due to the emotional duress. Director K.Raghavendra Rao, seemingly got inspired by the Popular Rock Band Police, which used thousands of candles for the music video of their hit song “Wrapped Around Your Finger”!




“Bhairavadweepam” 100 days centres list!


50 days ad of “Katthula Kondaiah”!


Working stills from DanaVeeraSoora Karna!






“Desoodhaarakudu” (new) goes to floors!


“Tiragabadda Telugu Bidda” in Nellore!

             NTR and NBK fans who issued the ad completely ignored the collections of Simhaasanam in centres like Hyderabad and claimed the three weeks gross collections of Tiragabadda TeluguBidda at Archana 70mm in Nellore as a State Record. Simhaasanam collected 7,78,000/- in 4 weeks at Devi 70MM,Hyd. Even if you deduct 2,02,000/- from its four weeks gross, Simhaasanam’s 3 weeks gross will hover around 5,71,000/-. Tiragabadda TeluguBidda had a sudden death at box-office and made way to Khaidhi No 786 in the same theatre. Those Fans must be crazy.  Really crazy(Tongue in Cheek).



SS 4.jpg

17 movies in under 10 years!

       Their journey started with “Kathaanayakudu” in Dec 1984 and ended rather acrimoniously with NippuRavva in Sep 1993. Between these years, Balakrishna and Vijayashanti acted together in 17 movies and theirs was one of the highest success ratios in the industry. Vijayashanti is the first actress to act in three consecutive movies with BalaKrishna– Muvva Gopaludu, Bhanumathi Gari Mogudu & Inspector Prathap (mid 80s). It is the only pair (probably in India) to have acted in three consecutive movies in two different decades —“Muddhula Menalludu”, “Lorry Driver” & “Thalli Thandrulu” in early 90s.

The hit pair together in “Kathaanayakudu“!


Collectors Pride 4 –Rowdy Ramudu Konte Krishnudu Opening shot!


Balakrishna and Vijayashanti from “Muvvagoopaludu”!


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