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“Bandhaalu Anubandhaalu” Chart!

Bandhaalu Anubandhaalu release centres.jpg


Trinetrudu audio details!

Trinetrudu 1.jpg


Trinetrudu 2.jpg

Chiru & Rajni from “Kaali”!


Superb picture from “ThoduDongalu”!


“Geetha Arts” Vijetha!

      “Yeemitoonammaa, Ippudu Naakallaki Andharoo Devullaaganoo, Devathalulaagaanoo Kanipisthunnaaroo”  says J.V.Somayajulu in his baritone voice to Sarada looking at Bhanupriya towards the climax of this film. The retired Government official from Srikakulam brilliantly performs the role of a hapless middle class man struggling to cope with his parental responsibilities. In fact, had this not been a remake (of Saheeb), Vijetha can be considered as an all time classic of Telugu Cinema.

The sublime performances of Chiranjeevi and Sarada also stand out in the film. Satyanarayana in the role of an affluent father desperately looking for an organ dollar to save his only child and Jaggaiah in the role of a Doctor, who dissuades Chinababu from making the ultimate sacrifice also take the audience on an emotional journey through out the film.

 Below: The lead pair from the song “Naa Meedha, Nee Gaali Salasalasookindhammoo”!

Trivia: The song is one of the 4 clips from Chiru”s earlier films that was used in Yamudiki Mogudu.



50 days ad of “Chanakya Sapatham”!

              This ad reminded me of the stuntman Bob Christo. I think Lankeswarudu is his last film.  “Mellagaa, Allukoo” is a signature Raghavendra song but I consider “VarE VarE Vari Cheeloo” as the best in the movie.

Vetapalem Third Visit - 286.jpg

Chiru on “Chantabbaayi”!

Vetapalem Third Visit - 111.jpg

VJY I day show details at the bottom of the ad!

Vetapalem Third Visit - 109.jpg


Vetapalem Third Visit - 105.jpg

Manchu Pallaki centres list!

It is a remake of a Tamil film called “Palaivana Solai” featuring Chandrasekhar and Suhasini in the lead roles.


KrishnamRaju & Chiranjeevi from “Puli-Bebbuli”!


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