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“Muddhula Krishnaiah” publicity in Nellore!









Radha–Vijayashanti—A Hit Pair!

         Starting with “Agniparvatham”, Radha and Vijayashanti, the two glamour queens of Telugu Cinema in mid-80s worked together in many movies.  Here are the movies in which they appeared together!

  1. Agniparvatham :



2. Bandheee :

Vetapalem Third Visit - 152.jpg


3. Muddhula Krishnaiah:

Vetapalem Third Visit - 144.jpg


4. Kondaveeti Raaja:

Vetapalem Third Visit - 139.jpg


5. Muddhaayi:

Muddaayi VJY RELEASE.jpg


6. Dorikithee Dongalu:


Vetapalem Third Visit - 243.jpg


7. Rudranethra:


Rudranetra 50


8. Kondaveeti Donga: Will update the post later with relevant picture

When good business sense prevailed!

                              I recently got hold of a paper clip that mentions P.Chinnapa Reddy and P.Chandrasekhar Reddy (makers of “Maanavudu—Daanavudu”) seemingly outlandish idea of casting Sobhan as Jesus in a full-length movie on the Christ. The article also mentions their downright outrageous idea to cast Saradha as Mother Mary at times when they were consolidating in the Industry as one of the bankable lead pairs. One could point to the examples like “Raktha Sambandham”, “Anthasthulu” and discuss about their box-office success despite having unconventional casting. But they should remember that these were social dramas, which generally have a built in audience unlike films of this genre and despite the super success of “Karuna Mayudu” few years later, I think good sense prevailed and all stake holders benefited by mothballing the project. After all, as they say, sometimes the best investments in life are the ones that you don’t make.

SB Jesus

100 days ad of “Kondaveeti Raajaa”!


Suman and Bhanuchander’s “Merupudhaadi”!

Here is the 100 days ad of “Merupudhaadi”, a money spinner at the box-office.  This Indo Wesrern is my favourite in the combination of Suman and Bhanuchander.


Shoban’s controversial press release (1985)!

                A worked up Shobhan issued the below press release in March 1985 after his role was trimmed at the editing table. He returned the advance to T.V.S. Films, a film distribution company from Guntur and Nellore, who wanted to make a film in the combination of Krishna and Sobhan Babu with K.Bapaiah.

What happened next:

  • Sobhan returned the advance to T.V.S. Films
  • K. Bapaiah and his team tweaked the subject and made the film with Krishna as a solo hero. It was named as “Jayam Manadee
  • Sobhan continued to work with A.Kodanda Rami Reddy and Paruchuri Brothers
  • Vijayalakshmi films, who distributed “Mahasangraamam” for North Andhra Region, issued a press release criticising Sobhan for trying to sabotage the films business
  • Krishna and Sobhan parted ways and but Krishna acted with Krishnam Raju in “Viswanatha Nayakudu“. Some second ring actors like Suman and Bhanuchander acted together in some movies.


“Chilipi Krishnudu” revenues!









  • More on this movie later!

K.Bapaiah talks about “Gurusishyulu” & “Maksadh”



  • Article courtesy: Shri Vinayaka Rao Garu, author of “Devudu Laanti Manishi”.

“Edhuruleeni Manishi” (1975)!

Opening the Pandora’s Box! Teluguloo cheppaalantee “Satyapetika” theravaalsina samayam vacchindhi.

The first week numbers published by the makers of the film are quite intriguing. I would like to hear from more qualified people on how a film released in 46 theatres could collect more than what Sobhan Babu’s “Babu” could in 51-52 theatres in the same year. I will also upload the theatres list of “Jebu Donga” as its first week collections are also something to ponder. Per the advertisement, its first week collections were about 16+ lakhs, a lakh more than what “Babu” collected in approximately the same number of theatres.

Wrapping up the post by quoting Paul Betty, who became the first American to win the acclaimed Man Booker Prize.

” No one owns anything. If you thing you own something, you are only fooling yourself. Even something that you thing to be yours turns out to be someone else’.”


Bell Bottomed pants became his signature outfits from this film. Fondly remember my rickshaw puller, who used to take me to school every day, going gaga about Vanisree and her sarees (tied below the waist exposing her navel) in this re-make of “Johhny Meera Naam“.

Edhuruleeni Manishi_C

Edhuruleeni Manishi_first week

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