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“Manushulanthaa Okkatee” in Nellore!

It is interesting to note the film getting more screenings on its third day –I am yet to come across any other instance like this.

The film went on to create a town record for single theatre collections in Nellore!



24-10-1976 -An important date in Superstar Krishna’s life!

This is the day he became “Natasekhara Krishna”. Here is a very rare article that has details of the grand felicitation ceremony held in New Delhi.


Initial title considered for “Gang Leader”!

“Arey O Saambaa” was apparently the title considered for this blockbuster and the script was made for Naaga Babu. It is interesting what made the producers consider this because Balakrishna’s Rowdy Inspector has a song starting with these words.



One Producer, two disasters!

Ushodayaa Enterprises M.Sudhakara Reddy is probably the only film makers who gave two duds to both Balakrishna (“Baabaayi Abbaayi“) and Nagarjuna during their initial days in the Industry. Will upload the theatres list soon.




“Jeevanmukthi” (1942)

Interesting Fact: Gemini Movies’ first Telugu Film


Another first instance in TFI!

                 I have seen a bigger cut out than this at Radha Theatre, Nellore for “Prajaaraajyam” movie and read about others (will update the paper clips) but I was just awestruck  when I got hold of this particular paper clip. The article has details of the two cut- outs set for “Simhaasanam” in Vijayawada. This is probably the first (and only) instance where two cut-outs, each with more than 75 feet, were kept for a Telugu Movie in a single centre.

Simhaasanam Cutout

Saarathi Studios “Aaatmabandhuvu”!

                Here are few scans of “Aaatmabandhuvu“, which has that famous song “Chadhuvuraanivaadavani Digulu Chendhaku” (effectively used by Ali and others in the famous Class room scene in “Thammudu“). The film was a re-make of Sivaji Ganeshan’s “Padikkaadha Meedhaavi” . The scene where S.V.Ranga Rao gives up smoking to have austerity measures in place after loosing all his wealth is an absolute beauty.





Babu movies press release I

          Here is the paper scan of Babu Movies thrashing all rumours surrounding the title of the Telugu remake of Adurthi’s “Kumudham“.  The film was eventually named as “Manchi Manasulu”!


Kamal Hassan in and as “Guru” (1980)!

The turf war between screen icons Rajani Kanth and Kamal Hassan shifted to Andhra Pradesh in 1980 when their straight Telugu Movies released on the same day. Kamal Hassan’s “Guru” emerged victorious over Rajani’s “Maayadaari Krishnudu“. Guru’s director I.V.Sasi, followed up with another straight Telugu film “Kaali” with Rajni in the same year.

Guru centres



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