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Kamal Hassan in and as “Guru” (1980)!

The turf war between screen icons Rajani Kanth and Kamal Hassan shifted to Andhra Pradesh in 1980 when their straight Telugu Movies released on the same day. Kamal Hassan’s “Guru” emerged victorious over Rajani’s “Maayadaari Krishnudu“. Guru’s director I.V.Sasi, followed up with another straight Telugu film “Kaali” with Rajni in the same year.

Guru centres




Saanti Ennattu Saanthi–Ramesh Babu’s Tamil Movie!

                     So, the Tamil version of T.Rajendar’s movie with Ramesh Babu released indeed. It is one more movie which he should not have accepted as he appears only in three scenes in the first 45 minutes. Comedian Ali acted as his sidekick in this family affair of T.Rajendar.


Same title in three consecutive decades!

Aaaradhana” and “Jeebu Donga” are two titles that come to mind where they were used for movies at least once in a decade. “Jebu Donga” was first used in 1961 for the dubbed version of M.G.R.’s “Thirudaadhee“. Another title which was used in three consecutive decades is Maanavudu Daanavudu–Sobhan (in 70s), Mohan Babu (in 80s) and Superstar (in 90s).


50 days ad of “Deeshoodhaarakulu”!

Trivia: Vijaya Productions re-made “Deeshoodharakulu” in Tamil as “Namma Naadu” with M.G.R. & Jayalalitha. Wikipedia has a very interesting anecdote on the Tamil Version.

Correction: One of my friends rightly pointed that it was “Kathaanaayakudu” which was re-made in Tamil as “Namma Naadu”.

50 days ad of Deesoodharakulu

100 days ad of “AdaviRaaja”!

 Adavi Raaja ” was one of the big commercial successes of Mid-80s. This is the first film produced by Satyanarayana in which he acted as a villain-he also got to play a negative role in his “Bangaaru Kutumbam” few years later. The movie is a free-make of M.G.R.’s “Nalla Neeram“, which in turn was a remake of “Haathi Meera Saathi“.


Adavi Raja

Geetha Arts “Yetthuku Pai Yetthu”!

         I am still on the look out for the DVD/VCD of this film. Geetha Arts Allu Aravind and Atluri Poorna Chandra Rao are the only producers to make movies with Rajni Kanth in both Tamil and Telugu. Aravind made “Mapillai” in Tamil while Poorna Chandra Rao produced “Nyaayam Meeree Cheppaali” in which Rajani acted as a CBI officer. In fact, Poorna Chander Rao is probably the only producer to make films with him in three languages (“Andhaa Kaanoon” and “ChaalBaaz” in Hindi)

Yetthuku Pai Yetthu

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