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Once upon a time in Tollywood VIII!

The only Telugu actor to be interviewed by a prominent TV network in the US:

NBC, CBS & ABC are THE three major American Television Networks and Aishwarya Rai made headline news in India when she was interviewed by CBS‘s flagship TV program 60 mts few years back. But not many people in India know that Dr. A.N.R. was interviewed by ABC’s affiliate company WEW News way back in 1964. I don’t think National Film Archives would have this interview.



Ads given during Stars’ Birthdays — II

Tirugubaatu hit the screens in May 1985 with a lot of hype and expectations but ended up as a damp squib. The film has one of the most boring pre-climax scenes one can imagine. I am talking about the scene where Jayasudha faces a dilemma whether to save her husband who becomes unconscious after getting beaten up by the villains or their hungry infant.  Jayasudha choses to save the former by giving her husband her breast milk. The scene crosses all thresholds of audience tolerance.


Once upon a time in Tollywood – VII

Full page ad for a town record: The proprietors of Komala Theatre in Challapally gave a full page ad way back in 1983 for Dharmatmudu after it completed its 60 days run in this C centre in the Krishna Distribution Area. This is the first such instance where town record was advertised through a full page ad was given in a leading newspaper . Later on, Santhi Pictures of Nellore and Creative Commercials issued full page ads in 1985 and 1986 for town records created by Vajrayudham and Rakshashudu in Nellore and Visakhapatnam respectively.


Dharmaatmudu Challapally- 5.jpg

Once Upon a Time in Tollywood — V

Clarification on Kavali I Week revenues in 1986!

Nellore District Wide Chiranjeevi fans claimed DongaMogudu 10 days collections of 71, 316/- in 1987 as a record in Kavali. But as per the second ad issued by the exhibitor (Venkateswara Talkies), Kaliyuga Pandavulu created a new town record by collecting 74, 071 in 1 week itself in the same theatre 6 months before.

Vetapalem Third Visit - 260.jpg


Kaliyuga Kavali

Once upon a time in Tollywood –IV!

KanchuKagada — First movie to release in 100+ theatres in Slab System. Krishna and Krishnam Raju’s “Yuddham” missed this distinction by a whisker. The multi-starrer movie was released in 93 theatres (second image)! BobbiliPuli is the first movie to release in 100+ theatres (image 3)!





Pending Poster

Once upon a time in Tollywood – II

Double Bill :

I came across an ad recently that shows a set of producers (Maniyan, Vidhyaan & Lakshmanan) announcing two projects with the same director on the same day. I am not sure whether the second movie in the ad”Seethaalu” released but Swargam certainly did as I saw a TV channel play few clippings from the film when its director Durga Nageswara Rao passed away last year (2018). This was in 1980.



Once upon a time in Tollywood–1!

Big movie releases in Nizam in 1980!

The spreadsheet in the link below has the details of I batch release centres of all except three big movies -“Kalyaana Chakravarthy”, “Sannaayi Appanna” & “Ragilee Hrudhayaalu”- that were released in 1980!

Few insights:

  • Ram Robert Rahim is the film that had the biggest release in the territory
  • Bhalee Krishnudu had the biggest release among the four films that competed during the Sankranthi Season
  • Mosagadu is the only film that had a direct release in Jagithyala
  • Krishnam Raju is the only hero to get two direct releases in KotthagudemSeethaa Ramulu & Bebbuli
  • Yedanthasthula Meda & Ammaayiki Mogudu & Maamaku Yamudu are the only other films that were released directly in the mining town (Kotthagudem)
  • ChandeePriya & Sirimalle Navvindhi share the honor of releasing in the lowest no of theatres (5)
  • A.N.R. is the only hero who did not have a direct release in Miryaalaguda


A unique record by the Nandamuris!

                      “MaamaKodaluSawaal” is the first film for Nandamuri Hareen Chakravarthy (right in the image), the younger son of Shri. Nandamuri Trivikrama Rao. The Nandamuris are thus the only family from which two different sets of siblings acted together in a full length movie. Nandamuri HariKrishna and Nandamuri BalaKrishna acted together in movies like “Thaathamma Kala”, “DVSK” in the seventies.



Two different ads to celebrate a milestone!

                  Producer M.Balaiah gave two differently designed ads for his “Chuttaalunnaaru Jaagrattha” on its 50th day. I am yet to come across any movie till mid- 80s that had ads with multiple designs to celebrate a milestone.




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