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Natabushana Sobhan Babu

“Deepaaradhana” in Tenali!

               Interesting to see producers of “Deepaaradhana” having the picture of Mohan Babu (supporting actor/side hero in strict Telugu cinemaa parlance) in the collections ad! This is second such instance in 1981 where Mohan Babu was featured without the main hero in the collections ad –“Kirayi Rowdeelu” being the other!


Release day ad of “Jeevitham”!

Jeevitham release dat

4 Legends together!

4 legends

Release centres of “Mahaasangraamam”

102 theatres in total. 

Mahaasangraam release

When good business sense prevailed!

                              I recently got hold of a paper clip that mentions P.Chinnapa Reddy and P.Chandrasekhar Reddy (makers of “Maanavudu—Daanavudu”) seemingly outlandish idea of casting Sobhan as Jesus in a full-length movie on the Christ. The article also mentions their downright outrageous idea to cast Saradha as Mother Mary at times when they were consolidating in the Industry as one of the bankable lead pairs. One could point to the examples like “Raktha Sambandham”, “Anthasthulu” and discuss about their box-office success despite having unconventional casting. But they should remember that these were social dramas, which generally have a built in audience unlike films of this genre and despite the super success of “Karuna Mayudu” few years later, I think good sense prevailed and all stake holders benefited by mothballing the project. After all, as they say, sometimes the best investments in life are the ones that you don’t make.

SB Jesus

Payback time!

         Reputed Telugu film-historian and a card-carrying (or should i say banner wielding) fan of Natabhushana Sobhan Babu Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar, shared two wonderful pamphlets (which i saw for the first time) on the eve of Superstar Krishna‘s Birthday. So I think it is just right to reciprocate the gesture by sharing some images of Shoban Babu, which, I am sure, he would not have seen before.

Starting with the distributor ad for “Bharya Bharthalu” in Nellore.

Bharya Bharthalu

SravanaSandhya in Machilipatnam!

         “Sravanasandhya” created a new record (for # of days housefull) at RamaKrishna theatre in Machilipatnam. Interestingly, Palanati Simham created an all time record (revenues) in the two within two weeks of its release.


SravanaSandhya MCP




Vintage Posters X: Sobhan Babu special!






Vintage Posters IX:

Bang Kalalu





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