Total Recall!


Natabushana Sobhan Babu

Kaksha Muhurath Shot!

Kaksha Muhurat.jpg


Making of Kurukshethram -II

Another informative article on the most expensive film of mid 70s! A full train was chartered by paying Rs 1.4 lakhs to move the unit to Rajasthan!!

Kurukshethram Train.jpg

Illaalu – Priyaraalu I Week ATR in VJY!

This record lasted for a day as Raaraaju crossed the films immediately.

Illaalu Priyuraalu in VJY.jpg

Pratheekaaram in Eluru!

Pratheekaaram Eluru.jpg

Sobhan – An engineering drop out!

An interesting conversation between Sobhan and Krishnam Raju happened on the sets of “Kurukshthram” during which the former revealed that he dropped out of the Engineering Course from Aligarh University after finding it hard to adjust to the surroundings.


Sobhan's Qualification.jpg

Release centres of Maharaju!

Date of Release : 20 – 06- 1985.

This will be the no 1 film of Sobhan in the eighties from his fans perspective. The theatre name in Mandapeta is not clear. But this is the first film in that theatre.

Mahaaraaju List.jpg


Maharaaju release day

100 days function details of “KaartheekaDeepam” !

KDK 100.jpg

Gharaana Gangulu theatres list!

I vividly remember this movie as it’s release coincided with the opening of our RiceMill in Nellore on 11/09/81.

Gharana Gangule.jpg

Release centres of “Deevaalayam”- D.o. R.–15/05/1985!

dev 1.jpg


dev 3.jpg

dev 2.jpg

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