Total Recall!


Natasamrat A.N.R.

50 days revenues of “SriRamaRaksha” in Nellore!


V.B. Rajendra Prasad on “RamaKrishnulu”!

His letter mentions the film grossing more than 40 lakhs in 4 weeks in Andhra and Nizam territories!


100 days ad of “Circus Ramudu”!

Of all things from the movie, I remember the gullable N.T.R. mixing grapes and eating them with Rice! Watched the movie with my cousins in Srinivasa Theatre Nellore.

Vetapalem Third Visit - 225

The only documentary in which ANR acted!

Here is a paper ad for the only documentary in which Dr. A.N.R acted in till date. The entire industry rallied behind our Army when they were at war with our neighbours. This documentary was one of the ways the fraternity educated the masses.



Repeat run revenues of “Buddhimanthudu” in VJY!


An oversight that caused duress!

              The fascinating biography of V.B.Rajendra Prasad titled “Dasarabullodu” by Mr Bhageeratha has many surprises including an anecdote that tells how the film maker was subject to duress due to his oversight during the making of the high-budget  film “RaamaKrishnulu” (1978).  The top-line film maker apparently received one lakh rupees of cash from his cousin in an envolope and he subsequently handed it over to the actor , who was supposed to receive only Rs75,000/- from him.  V.B.Rajendra Prasad realised his folly only after being alerted by his cousin and apparently checked with the actor next day. The actor admitted receiving the extra amount but took offence against the producer questioning him openly.






Multi-Star movies—“Samsaaram” (1950)!


Soundtrack details soon. It was released in Mani Talkies (later named as Vijayalakshmi talkies) after three weeks of its debut.


ANR’s disenchantment !

                   Akkineni Nageswara Rao came out strongly against some critics for their negative comments on “Killer” inspite of the film performing strongly in its initial weeks. The out speaking movie legend expressed his disenchantment at the Platinum Jubilee function of the re-make directed by Fazil. The below image has the details:



A.N.R. from “Chanakya Chandragupta”!


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