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Natasamrat A.N.R.

100 days ad of “SapthaPadhi”!

“GopalaKrishnudu” (1982), which was the movie that was announced on the 100 days of “Sapthapadhi”,  is the only hit film for Bheemavarapu Bucchi Reddy with A.N.R.  He is one of the few producers to make movies with the same actor (lead) in three consecutive years. Amarajeevi (1983) & Vasantha Geetham (1984) are the other films which he produced with A.N.R.

SAP 100.jpg


PremaMandiram ATR in Bhimavaram!

PM BMV.jpg

50 days ad of “Bhaaryaa Bharthala Bandham”!


“PremaMandiram” (release chart and openings !

Date of release : 24 – 09-1981! VJY (Alankaar) record is disputable! But that is a topic for a different day. My father, an ardent fan of A.N.R., opined that the timing of this films’ release was wrong as audience (read his fans) were still under Premaabhishekam’s hangover.

The key take away for me from the openings’ ad of this musical film are its revenues at Kamal, Visakhapatnam. Never thought that it had that much capacity. 

PM Openings.jpg


PM Release.jpg











I week revenues of Vichithra Jeevitham and Agent Gopi!


agent 3.jpg

Agent 2.jpg




“Prema – Thyaagamu”– Unreleased movie of Dr. A.N.R.!

Efforts were put in to release this film in late 1981 but I don’t think the makers succeeded in releasing this film!

PT ANR 1.jpgPT ANR2.jpg

RaamaKrishnulu in Kakinada and Visakhapatnam!

“RaamaKrishnulu” (Jul 1982)had a single theatre release in both the centres but could still create all time records for I week. This is clearly due to the extra shows screened. We can ascertain this by looking at the I week collections of “ Pagabattina Simham” at Anand A/C. The film collected north of 68,000/- with regular screenings in Sep 1982.



Kanchukaagada vs BharyaBharthala Bandham in Vijayawada!

Same exhibitor (Raj 70MM, Vijayawada) but contradicting information:

September 1984:


March 1985!

Vetapalem Third Visit - 183

Bharya Bharthala Bandham stunning collections in Tenali!

The record is really impressive as this was not at Asha Luxury A/C, the fanciest theatre in the town!

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