Total Recall!


Natasamrat A.N.R.

Once upon a time in Tollywood VIII!

The only Telugu actor to be interviewed by a prominent TV network in the US:

NBC, CBS & ABC are THE three major American Television Networks and Aishwarya Rai made headline news in India when she was interviewed by CBS‘s flagship TV program 60 mts few years back. But not many people in India know that Dr. A.N.R. was interviewed by ABC’s affiliate company WEW News way back in 1964. I don’t think National Film Archives would have this interview.



“Saavaasagaalu” range in Eluru!

         The first image has the 50 days movies list of Superstar Krishna in Eluru till 1980. The scan also mentions the revenue details of some of his films in the town.  Krishna’s statement in the 100 days function of Saavaasagallu “ (” Idhi Nadichina chithram kaani, nadipinchina chithram kaadhu”) came to my mind when I went through the list first as the movie collected a whopping amount of Rs 1,62,000/- in its full run in Eluru. To put things in perspective, A.N.R.’s “Aaalumagalu”, which released in Mar-1977 in the same year created a town record by grossing 1,89,000/- in 62 days at the fancier theatre Ambica A/C. It’s  a shame to note that the distributors (Navayuga Pictures) and the producer (D.Rama Naidu) of Saavaasagaallu down played such an incredible achievement.




N.T.R. & A.N.R. cross paths at Shri “JaiHind” Satyam’s daughter wedding!


Legends @ “Sreevaari Mucchattlu” 100 days function in Nellore!



Producer N.Anuradha Devi receiving her shield from Chaveliar Sivaji Ganeshan.

Stills from “Gurusishyulu”!




“Simhabaludu” revenues!

@ Vijayawada, Krishna Mahal and Srikakulam: 


@Kakinada, Amalapuram & Visakhapatnam:


10 days revenues in Rajamundry:


12 days revenues in Nellore:


Tirupathy & Rayalaseema All time Record:


“Anthasthulu” Muhurath shot!

Gemini Ganeshan with A,N.R. and KrishnaKumari on the muhurat day of “Anthasthulu”! Bhanumathi and A.N.R. acted as siblings in this film.


Yugapurushudu Revenues in Nellore!

                      Wonder how A.N.R. Fans would have reacted then after seeing the ad given by the Nellore distributors of “Yugapurushudu”.  In the ad, the distributors mention that the films’ first week revenues of 1,06,711/- from the two theatres was a new record. But they completely ignored the fact that several months before and in the same year, A.N.R.’s “ChilipiKrishudu” collected 1,29,000/- from two theatres in its first week —RamaNaidu‘s ad mentions only I theatre but the collections were from Madhav and Radha theatres in Nellore. (Please see the note at the end of the post)!



Vetapalem Third Visit - 217.jpg


Correction Note: ChilipiKrishnudu revenues are for 16 days and it was released in only one theatre. So Yugapurushudu distributor’s claim is correct!


Another Sivaji Ganesan’s film remake!

V.B. Rajendra Prasad’s S.P. Bayankar is a re-make of Sivaji’s Vellai Roja! I don’t mean to hurt anyone but it is a fact that not many Telugu films worked out at the box-office, which had a Christian back-drop!!


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