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Natasarvabhouma N.T.R

50 days ad of “Rowdy Raamudu Konte Krishnudu”!



N.T.R. & Rajnikanth’s “Tiger” release chart!

  • Very fancy release in Eluru —GopalaKrishna and Ambica A/C
  • Three theatre release in Ongole — Tulasi Ram + Syam Prasad + Ramakrishna (noon)
  • Sandhya 70mm main theatre in Hyd – wonder how much it collected there in I week
  • First movie to release in Venkatraamaa KalaaMandhir in Warangal
  • Three theatres in Sec’Bad — Alankar, Prashanth & Sridevi (Chilakalaguda)
  • Released in overload centres like Repalle, Hospet, Griddhalur, Kadhiri
  • Released in 59 theatres overall on 05th Sep, 1979!



Raamuni Minchina Raamudu muhurath day!

N.T.R with Director M.S. Gopinath (right) on the muhurath day of “Raamuni Minchina Raamudu”! One of the few movies where the hero acted in two roles belonging to the same profession. N.T.R acted as a Military Officer and as an Army Doctor in the film. Saradha and Chattaaniki Veeyikallu are the other movies that come to my mind. Both roles played by Sobhan and Krishna  in the respective films were cast as Doctors and Cops.


Few intriguing aspects of Eluru Box-office in 1977 & 1978!

            Per the first ad, Yugaprushudu 24 days revenues of 1,04,787/- was a new record in Eluru. The film was released in two theatres —Viswasanthi and Panduranga–in the headquarters of West Godavari District. But I am not sure whether it was able to cross the revenues of RaamaKrishnulu, which collected Rs 1.61,000/- in 5 weeks from two theatres (Sri Kalpana theatre & Sri Kesari Picture Palace). Even if we deduct 35,000/- (@ 3,500/- per day for three shows), RK would have collected a lot more than Yugapurushudu in 24 days.

I am also finding it hard to comprehend the 50 days revenues of Adavi Ramudu in the town. Per the 50 days issued by the SatyaChitra, Adavi Ramudu grossed Rs 1,51,000/- in its main theatre Sri Rama Mahal. But as per the 4th image, Sri Rama Mahal only had the potential to collect about 20,000/- to 25,000 (assuming Athanikantee Ghanudu was not housefull for all shows in its first week). So unless all shows were housefull for 50 days, it is impossible for Adavi Ramudu to collect that much in that theatre. For the records, Ooriki Monagadu was the first film to be housefull for 28 days in the town.







Adavi Ramudu 50


Athanikantee Ghanudu Revenues-1

N.T.R. & A.N.R. cross paths at Shri “JaiHind” Satyam’s daughter wedding!


N.T.R. Dasari & HemaMalini @ Sardaar PaapaRayudu 100 days function!


Simhabaludu in Gudiwada!

     N.T.R.’s Simhabaludu could not cross the collections of Devar Films’ “Potteelu Punnamma” in the same theatre (Balaji) in Gudiwada. Per the first ad, the high budget combination film collected 53,513 in 11 days while Potteelu Punnamma collected Rs 56388/- during its first 11 days. Lakshmi Films distributed both films.




Yugapurushudu Revenues in Nellore!

                      Wonder how A.N.R. Fans would have reacted then after seeing the ad given by the Nellore distributors of “Yugapurushudu”.  In the ad, the distributors mention that the films’ first week revenues of 1,06,711/- from the two theatres was a new record. But they completely ignored the fact that several months before and in the same year, A.N.R.’s “ChilipiKrishudu” collected 1,29,000/- from two theatres in its first week —RamaNaidu‘s ad mentions only I theatre but the collections were from Madhav and Radha theatres in Nellore. (Please see the note at the end of the post)!



Vetapalem Third Visit - 217.jpg


Correction Note: ChilipiKrishnudu revenues are for 16 days and it was released in only one theatre. So Yugapurushudu distributor’s claim is correct!


Release theatres (58) of Simhabaludu!

1 Vijayawada Apsara A/C 1 Venkateswara A/C 2

2 Guntur Krishna Mahal 3 Harihara Mahal 4

3 Nellore Ranga Mahal 5 Harihara Mahal 6

4 Visakhapatnam Navrang 7 Lakshmi Talkies 8

5 Rajamundry Kumari Picture Palace 9 Urvasi A/C 10

6 Kakinada PadmaPriya A/C 11 Crown 12

7 Tenali Rajyam Picture Palace 13 Gaiety Theatre 14

8 Bhimavaram Nataraj Theatre  15 Srinivasa Mahal 16

9 Machilipatnam Sri Navakala Theatre 17 Radhika Theatre 18

10 Gudiwada Sri Baalaaji Theatre 19

11 Vijayanagaram Sri Krishna Theatre 20 Minerva 21

12 Tanuku Narendra Chitra Mandhir 22 VenkataKrishna Theatre 23

13 ThadepalliGudem VenkataKrishna 24

14 Ongole TulasiRam Paradise 25 B.V.S. Mahal 26

15 Srikakulam SuryaMahal 27

16 Amalapuram Venkatarama 28

17 Chirala Mohan Theatre 29 Santhi Theatre 30

18 Kandhukuru Koteswara Theatre 31

19 Hyderabad Venkatesa 70MM 32 Kamal 33

Khairathabad Meeraa 34 BalaNagar ? 35

20 Secunderabad Chitrani 36 Chilakalaguda Sridevi 37

21 Warangal Naveen 38

22 Khammam Raghava Mahal 39

23 KarimNagar Venkateswara 40

24 Nizamabad ? 41

25 Tirupathy Balaji 42

26 Cudappah Ramesh 43 Krishna Picture Palace 44

27 Kurnool Anandh A/C 45

28 Ananthapur Ganga 46

29 Bellary Nataraj 70MM 47

30 Hospet ? 48 Saraswathi 49

31 Madanapally Madhusudhana Picture Palace 50

32 Nandhyala National 51 ? 52

33 Proddhutur Saibaba 53

34 Barhampur Jyothy Picture Palace 54

35 Chittor M.S.R. Movie Land 55

36 Paalakollu Sri Annapoorna Theatre 56

37 Eluru Rama Mahal 57 Venkatrama 58





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