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Natasarvabhouma N.T.R

“Kondaveeti Simham” 100 days function details!

KVS 100

A State Record that lasted for two days!

                          Box-office clashes during Sankranthi, the biggest release window till recently, have always been intriguing and the one in 1971 between “Sri Krishna Vijayamu” and “Dasaraa Bulloodu” is just a case in point.  Komudi Pictures “Sri Krishna Vijayamu”, which was a screen adaptation of Sri Sarvagna Singabhoopaludu’s “RatnaPaanchaalika”, debuted first on 11th Jan and created a state record at Venkatesa 70mm by collecting 72,000/- in its first week. Jagapathi Pictures “DasaraBulloodu” released next (Jan 13th) and created a new record for Single theatre collections by grossing 73,359/- at Santhi Theatre, Hyderabad . M.S.Reddy eventually dropped his idea to make “NalaDamayanthi” (image 3) with N.T.R. as his partly coloured film did not fare as expected. N.T.R., apparently, was not too keen on the project and advised M.S.R. to come up with a folk-lore script but he agreed to be part of this project when Mr. Reddy went with a new script.






Kondaveeti Simha’s dream run in B&C centres!

First 50 days at Bucchireddypalem–Nellore Dist. For the records, Pokiri is the first and only direct 100 days film till date in this rural area. Kondaveeti Simham is only the first film to run for 50 days in Naidupeta and Gudur towns. I will upload those images a while later.



First 50 days film at Gollamamidaada:



@ Nagiri:

KVS Nagiri


Late release silver jubilee run in Anakapally



All time record in Srikakulam and Vijayanagara Districts




Vintage Posters IX:

Bang Kalalu





N.T.R. and Jamuna from “Samsaaram”!

Trivia: “Samsaaram” is probably the only title which N.T.R. repeated twice in his career!

Samsaaram 1


Samsaaram 2

Paaparayudu in Tenali!

SP Tenali

First week revenues of “Sardaar Paapaarayudu” in Eluru!


50 days revenues of Justice Chowdhary in Eluru!

Though Suresh Productions “Devatha” was houseful for 29 days at GopalaKrishna theatre (image 3), it could not cross the 50 days collections of NTR’s “Justice Chowdhary”, which collected 3,25,000/- (image 2). Interestingly, Chiranjeevi’s “Subhalekha” collected more than 1,77,000 in Ambica A/C for 35 days and its 50 days collections were at par with those of Sobhan’s super-hit film. Justice Chowdhary also created a town record by grossing more than 1,04,212 in the town within 8 days (image 1).


Justice Chow 8 days Eluru


Justice Eluru 50


Dev Eluru

The record it broke!

Here is the scan of the ad that shows the details of 50 days record revenues of “Ooruki Monagaadu” in Guntur. The second ad shows the details of the previous record, which was with N.T.R.’s “Sardaar Paaparaayudu”. Saai Kirshna Films distributed both films in the state.

Ooriki Monagaadu



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