Total Recall!


Natasarvabhouma N.T.R

Collectors Pride!

      One of the images that I am proud to share. K.R.R. with his heroes on the muhurat day of “Iddharu Dongalu”! Photoshop experts out there….have fun at my expense!



A.N.R. & Bhanumathi from “Prema”!


“Devadasumallee Puttaadu” team!


Superstar with Nataratna in VBVB!

If i had lot of money at my disposal and if i were given a chance to get into a time-machine, one of the things i would love to do is go back to early 80s, get the dates of these legends and produce a proper action film.


50 days ad of “Maa Vaari Manchithanam”!


Another project that was canned!


Disaster Remade!

                     Old Telugu and Tamil movies are my stress busters and they help me unwind during the week days. The other day I was watching “Raja Mariyadhai” featuring the legendary Sivaji Ganeshan and Karthik. I got on to my IPAD to find the details of the source film as Sivaji’s introduction scene evoked a sense of déjà vu. However, none of the articles (including wikipedia) were helpful. But 15-20 minutes into the film, I could infer that this is a remake of N.T.R. and Balakrishna’s home production “Simham Navvindhi”, which had a disastrous outing when it debuted in 1983. ” Unnal Mudiyum Thambi” is the only other film that i can think off that was remade after the original (“Rudraveena“) tanked at the box-office.

Tenali Ramakrishna repeat run in NLR in 1988!


Some movies are forever!

Some movies like “Appucheesi Pappukoodu” have an eternal appeal. Here is how the movie fared during one of its repeat runs in early 80s in Guntur.





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