Total Recall!



Two (movies) in one–Jayakrishna’s ad!



Interesting ad for “Aame Katha” by producer Kranthi Kumar!



V.B. Rajendra Prasad on “RamaKrishnulu”!

His letter mentions the film grossing more than 40 lakhs in 4 weeks in Andhra and Nizam territories!


Viswashanthi’s “Kanchukota” (1957)!


Two oversights in the article below: The master historian Shri ShamukhaaChaari mentions Govt of India conferring the prestigious Daadaa Saheb Phalke award to the producer Shri Visweswara Rao garu, which i think is a mistake.

The second is about the estimated budget of the film, which he says is Rs 7 lakhs. If that is true, then the budget of “Mosagaallaki Mosagaadu” should be way above this. Most historians pin the latter’s budget as 7 lakhs.



Article courtesy: Sitara Magazine, April 30th 2017

An oversight that caused duress!

              The fascinating biography of V.B.Rajendra Prasad titled “Dasarabullodu” by Mr Bhageeratha has many surprises including an anecdote that tells how the film maker was subject to duress due to his oversight during the making of the high-budget  film “RaamaKrishnulu” (1978).  The top-line film maker apparently received one lakh rupees of cash from his cousin in an envolope and he subsequently handed it over to the actor , who was supposed to receive only Rs75,000/- from him.  V.B.Rajendra Prasad realised his folly only after being alerted by his cousin and apparently checked with the actor next day. The actor admitted receiving the extra amount but took offence against the producer questioning him openly.






Super Double!

           Shri U.Visweswara Rao (more famous for making films like “Kanchu Kota”, “Theerpu”) became the only film-maker to receive awards from the Central Government in two consecutive years. He achieved this distinction through his films “Nagnasatyam” (1980) and “Harischandrudu” (1981).

U.V. Rao

Eulogies for “Kolleeti Kaapuram”!

                  Union Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Shri RajBahadhur congratulates Shri K.B.Thilak for producing “Kolleeti Kaapuram”!


Kolleeti Tourism

4 Legends together!

4 legends

100 days ad of M.L.Arts “Subhamasthu”!


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