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Once upon a time in Tollywood – VII

Full page ad for a town record: The proprietors of Komala Theatre in Challapally gave a full page ad way back in 1983 for Dharmatmudu after it completed its 60 days run in this C centre in the Krishna Distribution Area. This is the first such instance where town record was advertised through a full page ad was given in a leading newspaper . Later on, Santhi Pictures of Nellore and Creative Commercials issued full page ads in 1985 and 1986 for town records created by Vajrayudham and Rakshashudu in Nellore and Visakhapatnam respectively.


Dharmaatmudu Challapally- 5.jpg


Gharshana(old) in Kakinada!


Records that impressed me a lot!

Omar Mukhtar’s town record (single theatre) in VJY: Gandhi and Omar Mukthar are two English films that did amazing business in Eighties even in the (then) small towns of A.P.. Both films ran for about 40 plus days in Nellore, the former at Leela Mahal and the latter at Radha theatre. Omar Mukhtar’s first week revenues in Vijayawada is one of the records that impressed me a lot!

Speaking of the spectacular business done by English films in the state reminds me of M.Syam Prasad Reddy’s interview to the Superhit magazine when he was producing Anji. The committed film-maker said he was pushing the envelope and spending lavishly on Anji considering the potential of our Industry after looking at the collections of an English film (Titanic) in Vijayawada. The blockbuster collected more than 70 Lakhs at Urvasi Theatre in its 140 days plus run and was among the top 20 grossers in the city for a long time.


AnandhaBhairavi @VJY!

Theatre record details for all the Curious Georges’ out there! Anandha Bhairavi comfortably crossed the collections of Khaidhi in the same theatre. Khaidhi 58 days collection details are in the second scan!


Khaidhi VJY 60 Days.jpg

“Brahmaputrudu” side theatre records in VJY!


Kurukshethram storms through KKD Box-Office!

              I was spellbound when I saw this ad for the first time as the film gross collections were at par with those of its main theatre collections in HYD. Kurukshetram collected approximately Rs 88,000/- in its first week at Sudarshan 35 in Hyderabad.



First of its kind in TFI!

                 Prathidwani, Swathimuthyam and Simhaasanam released in the same month (Mar-1986) and each film collected more than Rs 10,000,00/- in its main theatres in Vijayawada. This was an unprecedented event in Telugu Film Industry.

Per the scan below, Prathidwani  collected 10,19,614 (in 91 days), Swathimuthyam grossed 10,58,765 (in 92 days) and Simhaasanam grossed Rs 12,87,739 in 85 days.

The scan also has the collections of  Veta (6,03,233/- with 4 prints in 2 weeks) and Khaidhi Rudrayya (5,15,800 with 4 prints in I week)  in Krishna District.



Goonda’s town record in Tenali!

Goondaa GNTR Openings

“Khaidhi” vs “Goonda” in Nellore!

Goonda Nellore Openings

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