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Two posters of “Garam Masaala”!





The English Tune behind another mellifluous song of 70s!

I recently came to know that the tune for the famous romantic song ” Eee reeyi theeyanidhi” from ” Chitti Chellelu” was actually inspired from an English song called “Blue Blue…My Love is Blue” by Marty Robbins. Found the link of the song which was on top of charts for several weeks in the US.


Source: Who else but one of my favourite film historians Mr. Aachaaram.

Story behind the classic song from Gowri (1974)!

Here is an interesting anecdote on the “Galagala Paaruthunna Goodaarilaa” song from the film “Gowri”.




Article courtesy: Achaaram Shanmukhachaari, Sitara magazine

Vijayalakshmi Arts ” Donga” (1985)!

   Here is the 100 days (all shifts) ad of Chiranjeevi’s  sister sentiment film “Donga“! Don’t recall “Vietnam VeeduSundaram providing story to any other Telugu film.  “Andhamaa Alaa Alaaa” is one of my all time favourite songs of music director Chakravarthy. It still amazes me how this man could consistently give at least one beautiful song for all big budget movies at such break neck pace. Young music directors today spend months in exotic locales for drawing “inspiration” but still come up with very ordinary music. Of course, these are the traits that separate men from boys.



Release centres:

Donga release


Date of release : March 14th, 1985:


Irrelevant songs from Telugu Movies!

Here is a classic song whose lines have become irrelevant post the division of the state. “Idheenandi Idheenandi Baagyanagaramu” from the movie M.L.A. is the other song which has lines that will no longer appeal to people from both states.


Ram Prasad Arts “Rao Gaarintloo Rowdy”(1990)!

Scan 10


Date of Release: 12:01:90

Cast : A.N.R., Vanisree, Suman, Rajani, Kota, Raja Krishnamurthy, Sudarshan, Brahmanandam, Mallikarjuna Rao and others

Music : Raj-Koti

Camera: Sarath; C0-Director : Kamal Tej; Dialogues : Madhu; Lyrics: Jonnavitthula

A.N.R.’s 231st film.


Guru-Sishylu : A re-make that did not work out!

S.P.Mutthuraman, who made several films with Rajni Kanth, re-made his hit film “Guru-Sishyan “in Telugu as “Guru Sishylu” with Krishnam Raju and Rajendra Prasad. The film did not work out at the box-office. Ilayaraaja scored the music. Interestingly, he gave music to films starring all big league actors of Telugu Cinema except A.N.R.


Poster - 2-6

50 days posters of JVAS!

Poster - 9-3


Poster - 11


Poster - 10-2


Post will be updated with the centres list soon:

N.T.R.s’ “Challenge Ramudu”!

              “Challenge Ramudu” records impress me the most among those created by N.T.R. because he achieved them by working with T.L.V.Prasad , a second rung film-maker. Years later, N.T.R.s’ fan Y.V.S. Chowdhary used the super-hit song from the film                ” Pattukoo Pattukoo Pattucheera” in his “Okka Magaadu“. Bhargav Arts S.Gopal Reddy, his other fan, showed the song clipping in his “Manishikoo Charithra“.


Challenge Ramudu Openings-1


I am yet to come across any other producer declaring the second week revenues for a movie in 70s and 80s.

Challenge Ramudu Second Week-1

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