Total Recall!


Suman & Bhanuchander

100 days ad of “Tharangini”!



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Suman in “KanchuKavacham”!


“Bhalee Mithrulu”!

 After his riveting performance as Inspector Vyaas in the film “Terror”, Bhanuchander got another super success as “Bhaleemithrulu” through the same banner. Anand Babu’s dances were a special attraction in the film. Mid-way through the film he looses both his legs and i vividly remember him riding a bike by laying on it.  Had a direct 50 plus days running at Kalyani A/C in my hometown Nellore.


Vetapalem Third Visit - 124

Suman and Bhanupriya from “Chadhasthapu Mogudu”!


Merupudhaadi openings in Bhimavaram!

“Merupudhaadi” joined the big league of movies by having sensational openings in all centres. Its opening in Bhimavaram are particularly impressive as it ended up creating an all time record for first week collections in the town. The below image has the details.


“Chaitanyaratham” (1987)!

Here is another movie, which was in the news for long in mid-80s. But in the end it turned out to be much ado of nothing.


Chaitanya Ratham



50 days ad of “Deesamloo Dongalu Paddaaru”!

Deesamloo Dongalu Paddaaru”  successfully completed its 50 days run in many centres despite releasing when the entire state was awestruck with “Sri Madviraat……” . Suman acted as an Engineer in this film and the title song became popular with the masses.


Deesamloo 50

“Nyaayam Meeree Cheppaali” (1985)

                “Nyaayam Meeree Cheppaali” was one of the hit films of 1985. Suman turns into a serial killer to avenge the death of his sister. Rajni acted as a  peanut eating CBI officer, who is in pursuit of Suman. The Tamil Superstar doesn’t do much in the film except in the climax court scene. I don’t remember any songs from this crime-thriller.

Nyaayam Meeree Cheppaali

Suman and Bhanuchander’s “Merupudhaadi”!

Here is the 100 days ad of “Merupudhaadi”, a money spinner at the box-office.  This Indo Wesrern is my favourite in the combination of Suman and Bhanuchander.


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