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50 days revenues of “Maamaa Allulla Sawaal”!

3,75,000/- within 70days in Guntur was a new record. 



Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to get the significance of these revenues. Paaparayudu was released on Oct 30th, while Maamaa Allulla Sawaal made its box-office debut on April 10th 1980.






Daily collection details of “Maamaa Allulla Sawaal” in Eluru!


Guntur Box-Office details of Krishna movies in 1980!

             Krishna had two 100 days films in 1980 ( one direct) in what can be considered as one of the toughest years for film runnings in Guntur. In fact, Yedanthasthula Meeda and Sankaaraabharanam are the only other direct 100 days movies in the town till August.

 Kottha Peta Rowdy revenues are a revelation. Though films like Sujatha and Seethaa Raamulu fared better during the latter part of the year at Bhaskar Deluxe, Kottha Peta Rowdy collected a staggering amount of Rs 55,512/- in its first week and created a theatre record there.  But I am not at all surprised by the revenues of “Bandoodu-Gundamma” as it had superb openings everywhere.


50 days ad of “PuliJudham”!

A sub-standard film from “UshaSri Creations”. The head of the production house P. Chinnappa Reddy became very popular in the film fraternity after the phenomenal success of Sobhan’s “Maanavudu-Dhaanavudu” in 1972.


“Saavaasagaalu” range in Eluru!

         The first image has the 50 days movies list of Superstar Krishna in Eluru till 1980. The scan also mentions the revenue details of some of his films in the town.  Krishna’s statement in the 100 days function of Saavaasagallu “ (” Idhi Nadichina chithram kaani, nadipinchina chithram kaadhu”) came to my mind when I went through the list first as the movie collected a whopping amount of Rs 1,62,000/- in its full run in Eluru. To put things in perspective, A.N.R.’s “Aaalumagalu”, which released in Mar-1977 in the same year created a town record by grossing 1,89,000/- in 62 days at the fancier theatre Ambica A/C. It’s  a shame to note that the distributors (Navayuga Pictures) and the producer (D.Rama Naidu) of Saavaasagaallu down played such an incredible achievement.




100 days function invite of “AmmaDongaaa”!






Revenue details of Gharanaa Donga!

                         The film crossed the revenues of “Challenge Ramudu” at Surya Theatre, Visakhapatnam. It also collected roughly 4 lakhs (3.94 lakhs) within its first 50 days in Vijayawada from three theatres (one more got added after its first week). I will get the exact details soon!




Release centres of “KrishnaArjunulu”!

Heavy release in Visakhapatnam!

Scan 4.jpg

Stills from “Gurusishyulu”!




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