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Superstar Krishna

Eulogies for “Kolleeti Kaapuram”!

                  Union Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Shri RajBahadhur congratulates Shri K.B.Thilak for producing “Kolleeti Kaapuram”!


Kolleeti Tourism

Release centres of “Mahaasangraamam”

102 theatres in total. 

Mahaasangraam release

“GoondaRaajyam” openings!


A Gold ring for every technician!

             A typical producer would have avoided all these hoopla and retained the earnings especially if his first movie did not make money.  But Padmalaya Brothers were no ordinary producers as they presented a Gold ring for every technician in the 100 days function who worked in the cult hit “Moosagaallaku Moosagaadu”, though their first film Agnipariksha did not make money. This gesture surprised many film critics as this was an unprecedented act in the film Industry.


“Rakthasambandham” creates a town record in Nellore!


Another town record for “Kiraayi Alludu”!

        Though a soft-film, Superstar Krishna’s  “Kiraayi Alludu” grossed more than Rs 1.47 lakhs in its first week at Annapoorna A/C and created an all time town record for first week collections in Vijayawada.


Another first instance in TFI!

                 I have seen a bigger cut out than this at Radha Theatre, Nellore for “Prajaaraajyam” movie and read about others (will update the paper clips) but I was just awestruck  when I got hold of this particular paper clip. The article has details of the two cut- outs set for “Simhaasanam” in Vijayawada. This is probably the first (and only) instance where two cut-outs, each with more than 75 feet, were kept for a Telugu Movie in a single centre.

Simhaasanam Cutout

“Kirayi Alludu” @ Gudiwada!

         Yet another town record for Superstar Krishna in 1984. “Kiraayi Alludu” created a town record in Gudiwada by collecting 83,331.25 Rs in its first week at Sarath Talkies. I am still in pursuit of the paper ad which has its opening details–one of the films released in 1984which collected more than 50 lakhs in its first week .


SravanaSandhya in Machilipatnam!

         “Sravanasandhya” created a new record (for # of days housefull) at RamaKrishna theatre in Machilipatnam. Interestingly, Palanati Simham created an all time record (revenues) in the two within two weeks of its release.


SravanaSandhya MCP




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