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Old Images New Insights III- Clarity on Simhaasanam RJY 60 days collections!

In the above post, I was comparing the collections of Simhaasanam with JVAS just to know the range of its success. Since the collections in other centres were single theatres, I  thought that Rajamundry numbers are also from its main theatre – Swamy A/C. But I got to know the capacity of Swamy A/C  from  Ramesh Babu’s Saamrat’s I week collections ad for East Godavari District. Per the ad, Samraat collected 64,920/- with 30 shows. Hence, the weekly collections for 21 shows in the theatre will be around 45,444/- (64,920/ 30 * 21 shows. Hence, even if Simhaasanam was housefull for all shows for 56 days, it  can  at max collect 4,23,000/- (45,444 * 8 weeks= 363,552 + 60,000 I week) and hence I am convinced that the 60 days collections for Rajamundry in my previous post are from multiple theatres indeed.

Swamy theatre capacity.jpg


Smt. Vijayanirmala celebrating her birthday in Bombay in 1979!


Old images–New Insights–1!

60 days revenues of Simhaasanam in select theatres —Rajamundry Swamy —5,39.894/-.

JVAS 70 days –5,92,704/- @ Kumari A/C. (JVAS Scan courtesy : Mr. Chandramouli)




Krishna and Chiru in “Kottha Alludu”!


Iddharu Dongalu in Rajamundry!

        This is sensational stuff. To provide some additional colour on the numbers, “Iddharu Dongalu” collected almost 43,000/– more than what “Adavi Simhaalu” (Rs 55,407/- ) did in the same theatre in the I Week. These numbers were clearly due to the extra number of screenings during the festive season — factoring just a 30% hike in admission rates, the movie’s gross will hover around 72,000/-.






Padmapriya gets even with Devi in 1986!

Here is another interesting box-office tussle. This time it is between the two leading theatres in Kakinada. The owners of Padmapriya would have been seemingly irked when their competitors Devi70mm A/C claimed the I week collections of “Simhaasanam” Rs 98, 948/- as a town record in Mar 86, . They got even with them by claiming the I week collections of  “Magadheerudu”  (Rs 94,138/-) as a town record. However, Iddharu Dongalu” collected Rs 1,10,401/- at the same theatre way back in 1984. One of the pamphlets I have mentions Agniparvatham grossing more than 1,26,000/- at Padmapriya. Though it is quite possible since it was released in one theatre, it is very difficult to check the veracity of the information as producers or distributors did not disclose the collections but I will share theI week collections of “Bobbili Brahmanna” at Anandh A/C as soon as I get that.  

MD KAK.jpg

Magadheerudu scan courtesy” VenkatMegafan Twitter ID : @BVENKATRAO1975.

ID PP.jpg

Flop vs hits in Eluru in 1985!

Interesting to note that revenues of Mahaasangraamam (Feb 85) in Eluru were at par with those of other hit movies like “Bharya Bharthala Bandham” (Mar 85, Second image) , “Pacchani Kaapuram” ( Sep 85, 24 days H.F., 27 days 2,01,000/- & 45 days (upto Vijetha), and “Vijetha”  (Oct 85, third image) for the first three weeks. Ambica A/C was the side theatre for “Agniparvatham” and it got two weeks run there (last image).



BB AMB.jpg





Kilaadi Krishnudu :Vijayashanti’s first film!

They say Great endings have modest beginnings. Vijayashanti started her long journey with this flop movie in 1980. Happy Birthday to the “Lady Amithabh”!




Kanchukaagada vs BharyaBharthala Bandham in Vijayawada!

Same exhibitor (Raj 70MM, Vijayawada) but contradicting information:

September 1984:


March 1985!

Vetapalem Third Visit - 183

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