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50 days ad of “Paalu -Neellu”!

Watched this at Kanaka Mahal, Nellore. The scenes between Mohan Babu and his son worked out well thereby making it one of the biggest hits of the year 1981.

Paalu Neellu 50.jpg


Focus : Vayyaari Bhaamalu Vagalamaari Bharthalu!

                         Some movies will remain close to our hearts regardless of their (poor) performance at the box-office. This is one movie which is so dear to me. Hence, special focus on this big multi-starrer, which has some very fine songs like “Meeghaala Pandhiriloona”, ” Yavvanamanthaa” etc. The film’s producer Shri Gurupadham initially wanted to make a film only with NTR with the same director Shri Kattaa Subbaa Rao and issued an ad on August 15th, 1981. I also read an article which mentioned that Gurupadham also produced (or aspired to produce) a film with Amitabh in the lead role.  “Puli Bebbuli”was his next project in Telugu.

Project announcement ad:



Fancy theatres in several towns:


Release day ad:


Lead pairs:


50 days ad of Jandhyala’s “Rendu Jella Seetha”!

The way legendary actor Allu Ramalingayya speaks Hindi in this super-hit film is hilarious. Bhargav Arts “MadhuraaNagariloo” has shades of this film. But unlike “Rendu Jella Seetha”, Madhuraa Nagariloo gets serious as soon as the villain {John Honaay) enters towards the end of the I half. The heroine Mahalakshmi is supporting actress Pushpalatha’s daughter. She acted as her mother in this movie as well. I don’t remember watching any other movie in which Mahalakshmi acted.

Rendu Jella Seetha 50.jpg

Justice Chowdhary State Record Details!


Sobhan – An engineering drop out!

An interesting conversation between Sobhan and Krishnam Raju happened on the sets of “Kurukshthram” during which the former revealed that he dropped out of the Engineering Course from Aligarh University after finding it hard to adjust to the surroundings.


Sobhan's Qualification.jpg

50 days ad of “Chiranjeevi”!


Old Images New Insights III- Clarity on Simhaasanam RJY 60 days collections!

In the above post, I was comparing the collections of Simhaasanam with JVAS just to know the range of its success. Since the collections in other centres were single theatres, I  thought that Rajamundry numbers are also from its main theatre – Swamy A/C. But I got to know the capacity of Swamy A/C  from  Ramesh Babu’s Saamrat’s I week collections ad for East Godavari District. Per the ad, Samraat collected 64,920/- with 30 shows. Hence, the weekly collections for 21 shows in the theatre will be around 45,444/- (64,920/ 30 * 21 shows. Hence, even if Simhaasanam was housefull for all shows for 56 days, it  can  at max collect 4,23,000/- (45,444 * 8 weeks= 363,552 + 60,000 I week) and hence I am convinced that the 60 days collections for Rajamundry in my previous post are from multiple theatres indeed.

Swamy theatre capacity.jpg

Smt. Vijayanirmala celebrating her birthday in Bombay in 1979!


Small budget films directed by Smt. Vijayanirmala!

Will keep adding images of her small budget films!


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