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Khaidhi Rudrayya release centres!

85 theatres release overall but Kakinda theatre combo — Padmapriya A/C & Venkateswara (non A/C)– is very striking. KR Release centres.jpg


Khaidhi No 786 release centres!

Chittor District theatres were not confirmed when the list was published. 20 theatres release in Nizam.


Kodethrachu release centres!

Nellore – Radha theatre is missing in the list! I am not sure what it means when they say “modati saarigaa 10:30 AM aatalu” at Girija Picture Palace, Warangal,


Revenue details of Gharanaa Donga!

                         The film crossed the revenues of “Challenge Ramudu” at Surya Theatre, Visakhapatnam. It also collected roughly 4 lakhs (3.94 lakhs) within its first 50 days in Vijayawada from three theatres (one more got added after its first week). I will get the exact details soon!




Chiranjeevi with Russian actress Aksaana!


Simhabaludu in Gudiwada!

     N.T.R.’s Simhabaludu could not cross the collections of Devar Films’ “Potteelu Punnamma” in the same theatre (Balaji) in Gudiwada. Per the first ad, the high budget combination film collected 53,513 in 11 days while Potteelu Punnamma collected Rs 56388/- during its first 11 days. Lakshmi Films distributed both films.




Superstar Krishna film revenue details in Vizag in 1979!


YevadabbaSommu, Samaajaaniki Sawaal revenues are a revelation!

Formative years of Kodi RamaKrishna!

Homage to Shri Kodi Ramakrishna, who is in the league of directors to have made more than 100 movies in Indian Film Industry. The modest man with his signature white headband, was a story teller par excellence. Here are some images from movies that he directed in the first three years –1982-84!

IntlooRamaiah Veedhiloo Krishnaiah: In a recent interview to Vividhbharthi , Kodi Ramakrishna mentioned Producer K.Raghava wanted to cast another person in the lead role. But he gave Ramakrishna an opportunity to convince him and his friends in just 5 lines as to why he thinks Chiru was a better choice. Kodi RamaKrishna eventually succeeded in convincing Raghava and the film turned out to be a major hit.

Intlo Ramaiah Launch.jpg

Tharangini: A surprise hit at the box-office. the first half of Tharangini revolves around Suman convincing Syamala Gowris‘ family to agree for their marriage. The movie picks up tempo in the second half when Bhanuchander comes to stay with the newly wed couple and starts harasing her when Suman is not around. The movie ends when Bhanuchander falls from the top of a temple and dies. The scenes between Suman and Syamala Gowri after the former becomes impotent due to an accident are one of the earliest example of Kodi’s narrational skills.


Aalayasikharam: I don’t remember much about the movie.


MukkuPudaka: The Beginning Ramakrishna’s of a long association with Bhargav Arts,  MukkuPudaka revolves around four characters. Shortly after marrying Suhasini reluctantly, Bhanuchander comes back to the city and marries Vijayashanthi without revealing anything about his earlier marriage. A worried Suhasini comes to town to look for her husband and ends up in Vijayashanti’s house — a point successfully used by E.V.V.Satyanarayana in “Intloo Illaalu Vantintloo Priyuraalu” . Shortly after transforming the village belle Suhasini into a modern woman, Vijayashanti gets to know about the dark secret of her husband. The movie ends with Vijayashanti slapping Bhanuchander (vividly remember this shot) and sacrificing her marriage. Chandramohan acted as Vijayashanti’s brother and it is he who brings Suhasini to her sisters’ house. It is the fourth important character in the film as he is shown as a man with progressive ideas -he decides to marry Suhasini and give her a fresh life. Though not a great success, this was a safe-film for the distributors.





Goodachaari No1: First full length commercial movie of Kodi Ramakrishna!IMG_1068.jpg

Simhapuri Simham: The movie was released at the wrong time. “College Ammaayilu, Aaapandi Mee Sookulu” is a good song.


Pooratam : The first film for Kodi with Superstar was a great hit at the box-office. The film ran for more than 2 weeks in Jaihind Vijayawada, when it was released again Dec 85.659_3431.JPG

Adhigoo Alladhigoo:


Mangammagaari Manavadu: The Super-hit film is a turning point in Kodi’s career for many reasons. I also remember the movie for his signature double entendres.


I don’t have any images from the three other movies –“Dhaanavudu”, “Aaadapuli” & “Maa Intiki Randi” – he made in these three years. Will append them in the post if i find any.





K.Viswanath’s “Shruthilayalu”!

                    The person above Naresh in the poster, Murali, is the son of the legendary singer Shri Janaki garu.  A.V.K.Reddy, the film’s producer, is a partner in the famous Savera Hotel at RadhaKrishna Salai in Chennai. He later produced ” Suthradhaarulu” with A.N.R. and MuraliMohan. Jayalalitha acted in one of the memorable roles in her career and earned as much fame as MoonMoonSen got through her role in “Sirivennela”! It is a different story that she could not capitalise on this role and was forced to travel on a different trajectory. “Potti”Prasadh’sAsalee Visakhapattanamandayya, Steelu Mukkalathoo Kodathaarandayya dialogue is the other best thing I remember from this musical hit!


Vetapalem Third Visit - 249.jpg



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