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Fancy theatres : Chanakya A/C – Kakinada!

The theatre opened for business during late July or in early August 1983.

Kiraayi Kotigaadu Nidadhavoolu 100.jpg


Kiraayi Rowdeelu : A film made with breakneck speed!

Shri Kranthi Kumar announced this project on August 22nd, 1981, which also happened to be the 100th day of his earlier film “Nyaayaam Kaavaali”!

KR 100.jpg

50 & 100 days ads of SriMadvirat VeeraBrahmendraSwamy Charithra (1984)!

50 days MAD.jpg


100 DAYS MAD.jpg

“Maayadaari Alludu” Town Record in Tanuku!

To get this numbers through a non- Raghavendra Rao/ Dasari directed movie is just incredible. This is the first of Krishna’s two town records in this centre within a gap of 1.5 months. Nayudu Gaari Abbaayi, releasing next, also created a town record at Srinivasa theatre. I think no other heroes had two movies that created two two records within 1.5 months. Release centres and other box-office details of this movie on its release anniversary.


100 days ad of “SapthaPadhi”!

“GopalaKrishnudu” (1982), which was the movie that was announced on the 100 days of “Sapthapadhi”,  is the only hit film for Bheemavarapu Bucchi Reddy with A.N.R.  He is one of the few producers to make movies with the same actor (lead) in three consecutive years. Amarajeevi (1983) & Vasantha Geetham (1984) are the other films which he produced with A.N.R.

SAP 100.jpg

Release centres of Maroo Kurukshethram (4/9/1981)!

The movie was made in Cinemascope. Small wonder that Telugu Film Industry holds the record for making the most number of movies in CinemaScope in India. 

Maroo Kurukshethram.jpg


100th film of Kamal Haasan!

Here are the release centres of Kamal Hassan’s “Amaavasya Chandrudu”  This was his own production (Hassan Brothers). The movie was released on 29/8/1981 and it did not do well at the box-office. An ad issued by the makers mentions the Telugu version of the bilingual film as Kamal’s 100th movie (image 2).

Amaavasya Chand rele.jpg



50 days ad of ” SeethaakookaChiluka”!

Date of Release : August 21st 1981!

SKC 50

Two movies named after actresses releasing on the same day – 1/1/1982!

Though Savithri is a dubbed film, it is still interesting to note two films named after popular actresses were released on the same day.Jayasudha and Savithri.jpg

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