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Aakhari Poratam in Vijayawada!

Here is a pretty interesting ad to assess the range of Aakhari Pooraatam in Vijayawada. The movie got its run extended in the shift theatre after running with capacity crowds @ Sitara Theatre in Aug 1988 (see the date on top of the news item).



Gulliver of Vijayawada!

This particular post is not to condescend or patronise any movie but to show the range of “Simhaasanam” vis-a-vis other major hits (where I could find the 50 days revenues ) of mid to late 80s in Vijayawada.  With 10,07,505/- gross from 60 days (certainly more than Rs 9,00,000/- for 50 days)  from just single theatre it stands way above other blockbusters like Prathighatana, Aakhari Pooratam & Yamudiki Mogudu in the city. It will be interesting to compare the revenues of Aakhari Pooratam and Yamudiki Mogudu in the city because the former did very well in the city. But for now, Simhaasanam is without doubt the Gulliver of Vijayawada till 1990.

Note: Based on a detailed analysis of the weekly collections of Simhaasanam, I came to know that it collected Rs 8.75 lakhs gross at Raj 70mm. Hence, Prathighatana will still hold the record for SINGLE THEATRE gross collections in the city till 1990. These calculations happened after a detailed discussion with Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar on twitter.

Sim 60.jpg




Aakhari Poratam scan courtesy Nagarjuna Fans Discussion Board.



Yamudiki Mogudu scan courtesy : Mr. Namala ChandraMouli Ananthapur!

Two bigs hits @ Andhra Paris –Once upon a time in Tollywood — XIV!

Shiva vs Prathigatana in Tenali :The first ad mentions Shiva’s gross of 5,42,828.50/- from 224 shows for 56 days at Priya Deluxe as a town record for non -A/C theatres. But the inconvenient truth is that the pathbreaking movie could not cross the collections of Prathigatana in the town.  The latter collected Rs 5,52,000/- from 223 shows in its first 50 days @ Alankar theatre, which is also a non – A/C theatre.

Siva Tenali.jpg

Siva Image courtesy : Nagarjuna fans, Nellore!


Producers Ad vs Distributor Ad : : Once upon a time in Tollywood XII!

Here is an another one. The following ad issued by the makers of Geetanjali (my maternal uncles) mentions its 21 days revenues of Rs 2,01,432/- at Balaji A/C in Eluru as a District Record. But they did not get their facts correct as the ad given by Usha Pictures, the distributors of “BaavaMaradhallu” in West, mentions the film grossing Rs 2,06,308/-  in the same theatre way back in 1984 (Feb). For the records, N.T.R.’s “Brahmamgaari Charithra” also released in the same theatre the same year. It will also be interesting to know the collections of “Koduku Diddhina Kaapuram” as it also ran for 100 days in the same theatre the same year.


Geethanjali Scan Courtesy: Nagarjuna fans 




Nagarjuna & Vijayashanti in “Vijay”!




Nagarjuna’s ChinaBabu release centres!


Release centres of “Murali Krishnudu”!

Click on the link to view details.


One more town record of “Murali Krishnudu”!


Sensational record of Murali Krishnudu in Ananthapur!

                   Geethanjali and Siva, in hindsight, did more harm than good to Nagarjuna in the long run. The super fame he achieved due to these films convinced him to change track and work with directors like Priyadarshan, Prathap Pothan and others  who were not familiar with our market. Nagarjuna thus ceded ground to other stars like Venky due to the string of failures till “Presidentu Gaari Pellam“and never really recovered much after that. But here is one record to show how well he was penetrating in mass areas till he embarked on a new trajectory. 63 Housefull shows in first week for Murali Krishnudu! Need to check whether it ran for 50 days directly at Ganga A/C, its main theatre.


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