Total Recall!

Attempt to kill Chiru on the sets of “Marana Mrudangam”!






“Eeenaadu” (old) in RJY & VJY!

                Very interesting to note that its run in the side theatres got extended by one full week in Rajamundry and by 5 days in Vijayawada. The movie was released on 17/12/1982.


“Pratheekaaram” OST details!




Bhaskar Palace – Gudiwada!

Interesting to note that “Hanthakulu Devanthakulu” was the first film in the fancy theatre Bhaskar in Gudiwada. 00000008.jpg The theatre was opened for public on June 09th 1972 and only had a ceremonial screening of “Sri Venkateswara Mahathyam“! Hanthakulu Devanthakulu was released here on June 10th, 1972.

“Nartanasala” OST details!




Release day ad of “Rowdyism Nasinchaali”(Zindabad)!

        Songs specialist Kodanda Rami Reddy failed to extract good music from Chakravarthy. The single thread — RajaSekhar’s  emotional struggle to get back to his family members after being ostrocised by them due to some unintended consequences of his actions — does not provide any relief or entertainment. However, he lived up to his  angry young man” image in the action sequences especially in his first encounter with Mohan Raj just before the interval. Assembly Rowdy, which is also about an average man next door’s rebellion against the thugs after being pushed to the point of no return, surprisingly (or i should say unsurprisingly) clicked very well at the box-office due to the superb treatment of the subject.

K.S.Rama Rao produced AngaRakshakudu with Rajasekhar after this.


“Kongumudi” release centers!

Kongumudi release centres.jpg

“TinguRangadu” release centres!

Tingurangadu release centres.jpg

“Swayamvaram” release centres!


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